LUSH Tea Tree Water

beauty blog - lush tea tree toner

I know it seems I have been on a LUSH bender at the minute but seeing as my current bank balance is £0.00 until further notice you will have to bare with me as my reviews will probably have to be spread out quite a bit now!

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Batiste XXL Big & Bouncy Dry Shampoo

beauty review blog - Batitse xxl dry shampoo

This is a product that I didn’t see much point in, hence why it took me so long to get around to buying it. I though since dry shampoo’s already add volume that this wasn’t going to be a huge difference. However I was curious about it especially seeing as people were saying how much volume it puts in your hair so on a 3 for 2 offer on haircare in Boots I decided to just see how it works.

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Lily Lolo Foundation

beauty review blog - Lily Lolo

OKie Dokie, I have a slight confession to make to you… I have started using foundation again. I know, I know I made a big statement about not using them anymore, and I didn’t for a month and a half, but it didn’t make that much of a difference to my spots that I was getting (which I found out was hormonal, so not sure what I’m supposed to do about THAT) but I am still on the wagon for dimethicone (read about my war on dimethicone click here) because that does give me bad outbreaks.Ever since I have been looking for a foundation that DOESNT contain this ingredient. So that brings me back to this little discovery.

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A Quiet Moment For…

beauty review blog - Benefit Bella Bamba

…My nearly departed blusher. It’s nearly all gone! Most people’s favourite blush from Benefit isn’t usually this one, some prefer coralista or the sugarbomb but this isn’t only my favourite Benefit blush… Oh no this is my FAVOURITE blusher ever!!

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REVIEW – L’Oreal Lash Architect 4D


Okie Dokie after my mascara ran out I didn’t give much thought as to what would replace it, if I remember correctly I kinda ran around Boots shouting back at Ryan “I forgot mascara!” and picked up the nearest one I could get my hands on. I like to keep it random.

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