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I am in well need of a clear out! When you have a back log of about 5 shower gels I think it’s time to have a blog sale!

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TRE Jewellery!

Bermuda DropWoo first post for the random category! Been experimenting lately with Jewellery again, I dabbled in it about 2 years ago in the summer and I worked with gemstones but in the raw forms and sold a few on eBay, but the rest I ended giving to mate and the rest are still stuck in my jewellery box. Anyway I got back into it when I was looking at Swarovski crystals and decided to make them myself again.

This one I called ‘Bermuda Drop’ the drop pendant is about 28mm and is a lovely bluey green colour that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. I put on a silver cap and a small 10mm bronze Swarovski heart next to it. The chain is a silver chain and I put a magnetic clasp on it (magnetic clasps are cool).

Heart of HeartsHeart of Hearts. This is a HUGE heart I honestly didn’t think it would be that big because I thought “28mm that sounds quite small right?”  nope. With this one I already had a chain my mum got me for my 21st birthday and I never really worn it, so I thought it would be perfect for this. So I put a Filigree bail on it and I’m really glad I got it now :).

Twin Hearts. On this bracelet there’s the silver magnetic clasp I was talking about before. I actually only made this because I had scrap silver chain left. You can’t really see the colours in this photo but the left 10mm heart is a golden shadow swarovksi crystal and the right one is a medium vitriol. I really like this bracelet its simple and dainty.

My Blue Heart bracelet.My Blue Heart. I really wanted a charm bracelet for a long time now but I don’t like Pandora or Thomas Sabos ones juts really expensive beads and the other are a bit whats the word, mass-produced. Everyone ends up with the same charms. So I made my own. I only added four hearts because I don’t like too much on my bracelets otherwise I think I look like a Blackpool fortune-teller.  The chain I didn’t make I had to buy that one but I added all little blue hearts (my favourite colour)  on this one each a different shade of blue.

Anyways just a little post about what I been doing lately, not sure where I’m taking this little hobby yet but I’ll be keeping up to date on it.