I Need Your Help!

Bad skinOkie Dokie lately my skin has been AWFUL for the past month I have had spots and red dots all over my chin and under my cheekbones. It hasn’t gone away after a month and I am getting sick of it! I haven’t been wearing a lot of makeup as I have been trying to let my skin breathe. I think it has been irritated by my Benefit Foamingly Clean Cleanser and I think it’s aggravating my skin as I have changed all my skincare except the cleansers (because it was the most expensive!) so I have now stopped using it.

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Traffic Lights Guide to Spots

Traffic_lightsThis is a guide I have used since I was about 13 reading Tweeny (not the Tweenies btw!) magazines and I came across this guide. In an ideal world none of us would pop our spots ever and not ever get picked or judged for it or just find them plain disgusting. I’m getting sick of magazines saying not to pop your spots but when you have a massive whitehead on your chin you’re NOT just going to leave it there. Unless you want a whole day of “You know you have a spot?” no amount of makeup is going to cover up a whitehead.

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Keira knitghtley highlighted Okie Dokie, it’s nearly the end of makeup month now so I was really struggling for ideas as I have done a lot of posts this month (although not this weekend, hey I’ve done like 10 posts this week thought I should give myself a little break) So Just looking over my posts I noticed I haven’t got a single posts about highlighting and seeing as I was asked about it recently, I thought it should do one.

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Mother Knows Best

1940s makeup

Okie Dokie this post is about some advice given by my mum about removing makeup, that I was sort of dubious about and thought “she’s talking gibberish again”  but it actually works! Continue reading

Beauty Book of Shadows

OKie Dokie you know how in that old show Charmed the Halliwell’s had a book of shadows? A collection of spells their ancestors made? Well that gave me the idea to create my own. Not with spells but with beauty tips.

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