Blog SALE! *closed*

beauty blog - blog sale

I am in well need of a clear out! When you have a back log of about 5 shower gels I think it’s time to have a blog sale!

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No7 BB Cream

beauty blog - No7 BB Cream

I have had this products for months now and I forgot to review it! (oops! ps if you’re wondering what the white stuff is in the picture, I made pizza dough and got flour… well everywhere) This was pretty much an impulse purchase and I bought it to compare to the asian BB creams I have used.

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REVIEW – Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

Garnier-BB-Cream-Miracle-Skin-PerfectorHere is the first european BB Cream I have tried and normally I wouldn’t have ever chosen a Garnier product (as I’m allergic) but I decided to risk my skin for a review of the only BB cream you can get in the UK high street (what I do for you eh?). Now I am a huge fan of the asian BB creams, so am I prepared to switch?

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REVIEW – Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

missha perfect cover bb cream

Okie Dokie here’s a BB cream I have been trying out for the past month or so. If your unsure of what a BB cream is Click Here a post a made a while ago so I don’t have to repeat myself.

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What is a BB Cream?

Makeup Month

This is a question I still get a lot when I mention it to people (including my mother) and although in my product review for Skin79 Gold BB cream (see review click here) I did explain what it was but it was when my blog was all shiny and new so a lot of people I know didn’t see it, so I’m dedicating a post just to it.

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