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beauty blog - blog sale

I am in well need of a clear out! When you have a back log of about 5 shower gels I think it’s time to have a blog sale!

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REVIEW – Soap & Glory Cheek Mini Haul

S&G cheeksOK so I may be a TAD excited about this range… I can’t stop buying it! It doesn’t help that the stand just looks so pretty and inviting… Anyway heres another haul I bought and tried for you. I am obsessed with blush and tints so of course I HAD to get both, I clearly had no option there but I also got the highlighter ‘Glow All Out’ just because I haven’t had a powder one before I always using liquid ones and I wanted to try it.

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REVIEW – Bodyshop Lip & Cheek Stain. Lets Get Tinty!

Bodyshop cheek and lip tint

Okie Dokie, if you’re a regular reader of my blog you will know by now I have a soft spot for cheek and lip tints! To be honest most of the ones I have I don’t really use for my lips so much but I LOVE using them for my blush.

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REVIEW – Eyeko Fat Balms

Eyeko fat balmOkie Dokie I finally got round to this! This was actually a post I have been planning for a while (ever since I ordered a bunch of stuff from them) but only just got round to using them all to review them!

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REVIEW – Sleek Pout Paints

Pout Paint

Pout Paints are here! A long awaited product for many people (not me because i only just heard about it last week). I picked these up over the weekend as superdrug had released them ahead of the 3rd August date. As you can tell from the picture above, their colours are made to be mixed not used on their own. The white cools down the colour but they also have a blue that warms them up (that I can’t find anywhere). There are 11 colours all together but these are all the colours I need. From let to right

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