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I am in well need of a clear out! When you have a back log of about 5 shower gels I think it’s time to have a blog sale!

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REVIEW – Modelco Fibre Lash Mascara



Modelco fibre lash mascara Okie dokie dearies, I finally bought the Modelco Fibre Lash Mascara! This little beaute has had a lot of press especially from one Miss Danni Minogue but I decided to give her picture a miss. I don’t trust airburshed pictures, especially eyelashes. There never a true representation of the mascara all digitalized and false eyelashes. Pah. Its annoys me, for instance you’re doing a shoot for foundation, then you airbrush the picture so it falsifies how good the foundation is. grr.

Anyways back to the product at hand, to be honest, I’m in two minds about this. I love it, I hate it. Hmm, maybe I’ll decide as I’m writing. First of all I can’t figure out why modelco don’t just sell the fibre lashes bit separately too, for a reduced price. It’s not like people can’t use their own mascaras with this. you can. So Modelco if you read this. something to think about.

This works basically in three steps 1. mascara 2. fluff 3. mascara and then you can just go mental with it. First time I tried it I thought to just go with one layer, lets not go crazy. The mascara isn’t very thick it lengthens the lashes a treat, quite long before you start the fluff. The next bit is the fluff, first thing I learnt was that don’t put it too close to your lash line it REALLY irritates your eyes! I looked like a right pleb squinting and wafting my hands round my face. Anyway the next layer of mascara helped a bit got rid of the fluff in my eyeball.

Now this is where I’m not sure if I like it or not. The lashes are indeed lengthened but not very defined. Then again you sticking fluff on it You should expect it to look like that. My only concern then is if you use an eyelash comb your just going to brush all the fluff out. Although I do enjoy the long lashes, I tried as well with another mascara, one that more concentrated on thickening lashes and my lashes went very thick! You know what I decided, I do like it. It’s a bit like a new computer you have to find out its little tricks and experiment to get the most out of it. Only thing I suppose I definitely don’t like about it is the wand. For £35 i expect a better brush to be honest than a standard 1980’s mascara brush.

4/5 I think I do like this, you can mix it up and try different wands and mascaras with it, just don’t get it in your eye!


Product Wish list June



skin79 Crystal C Mist TonerModelCo-FIBRE-LASH


Products I want to buy this month! This new illuminator from Estee Lauder, is supposed to even out your skin-tone and give you a healthy glow and is there one thing I desire is an even skin tone. Only thing is Estee Lauder isn’t exactly known for its affordability. So I am having to wait until a more prosperous time to buy one. I am hoping it’s as amazing as their making it out to be.

Another “I wants!” is the Skin79 Crystal C Mist Toner, I don’t really use toners as most tend to dry out my face leaving it with dry patches, although the easiest step to miss in your skincare routine toner does provide the face the best PH so your creams can work at their optimum, so as my skin has received really good care from the Skin79 BB cream, I am hoping that this mist will react well with my skin. This toner promises to revitalise dull skin and leave your face looking bright. Vitamin C has been a popular ingredient in skincare products for doing this so I’m hoping this will provide good results. It’s inexpensive as well at £7.40 with free P&P at BigCLothCraft on eBay by my favourite seller.

ModelCo Fibre Lash mascara… is it any wonder I want this? I’m definitely not alone, This mascara looks to be huge, I have annoying eyelashes that are very straight and probably about medium length, but making my eyelashes look full is a bit of a chore, I never get the result I see on other girls, as my eyelashes are quite fine so I want a mascara that volumises and gives length, and this looks amazing. The little bottle has nylon fibres that stick to your lashes and photos all over the internet show you how good the results are. The price looks a little steep at £35 but I’m sure it’s well worth it. I am going to have to wait thought until I can actually walk to Boots, as some of you know I sprained my ankle on the weekend 😦 and hilariously I was not drunk. I fell down a single step all on my own and my foot gave way and I landed on my ankle. I can hobble around but im getting very impatient with myself and I know it would take me a good 15mins from the bus stop to get there (it normally takes 3). So I’m waiting until I can get to boots to get them, I refuse to get it online as the points value isn’t worth it.

This one is 17 Crackle top coat Nail polish, I am quite into kooky ideas for nail varnish, but as I’m not overly girly I don’t like pretty flowers and things on them, I feel like a clown. This is another cheap one at 3.99 I like the idea that I can use it over my ordinary nail varnishes rather than, picking a colour and that’s the only one that crackles. Can’t wait to try it.

So that’s my product wish list for the month, I probably won’t get around to buying them all, i would say definitely the Mascara and the illuminator are definite, the rest can maybe wait. Maybe…