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I am in well need of a clear out! When you have a back log of about 5 shower gels I think it’s time to have a blog sale!

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Eyeliner for Dummies

Okie Dokie, for this I am going to explain different eyeliners and their best uses for effects and then for the wing eyed tutorial i am going to send you off the lovely Keiko Lynn whose eyeliner tutorial is so great and simple it really cannot be improved upon and I have been using her technique since i found it!

Kohl Eyeliner

Rimmel Kohl

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REVIEW – Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner



mebelline gel eyelinerHello this product review right here is the Maybelline gel eye liner you probably seen advertised, well, everywhere. I initially got this eyeliner as soon as I heard about it on the TV, because I thought “that’ll be just like the Bobbi Brown liner”. Took me ages to find a store that had it thought because it was sold out EVERYWHERE which just goes to show how popular this has become.

First of all when you get it, it comes in a sleek tall box and has the little pot of eyeliner and the brush as well, I’ll say what I thought about the brush first, well… the brush it’s alright. Not really very good compared to my other brushes because there are stray hairs longer than the rest so they needed trimming and despite what this picture looks like it’s not a slanted brush its rounded like a small flat eye shadow brush. I don’t really find this brush too bad applying it but the lines aren’t as clean as you would get with a better flat or slanted brush.

The Liner, I like it don’t get me wrong, its good if your very used to putting on liquid eyeliner and sweeping the line across your lid, BUT if you’re a beginner and you dab your lines your going to find this difficult to apply colour. Thats where it falls down in my opinion, I swept it on one lid and it looked great, but on the other lid where I dotted the brush it because very patchy colour wouldn’t stay on  and just wouldn’t give a smooth finish.

Having said that once you apply it sweepingly the colour lasts all day, it didn’t fade in the middle or partly faded by the end of the day, it went nicely over eyeshadow and was a very intense, solid colour. I am comfortable applying my eyeliner so I will keep on using this eyeliner I really like it for a dramatic effect.

4/5 Great for experts in eyeliner, beginners may find this difficult at first so start with a pen liner, then progress to this.