LUSH Tea Tree Water

beauty blog - lush tea tree toner

I know it seems I have been on a LUSH bender at the minute but seeing as my current bank balance is £0.00 until further notice you will have to bare with me as my reviews will probably have to be spread out quite a bit now!

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LUSH Ultra Bland

beauty blog -  Lush ultra bland

Been on a LUSH spree for the past few months, I never really tried their products before except the odd bath bomb here and there. So heres my first cleanser I have tried from LUSH!  Continue reading

REVIEW – LUSH Sparkle Toothy Tabs

Lush Toothy Tabs SparkleThis is one of them random purchase you make at a till that look really cool and has loads of novelty and usually quite cheap. I did that when I was earwigging on a sales pitch a guy was making to 2 teenagers and although it didn’t work on them it worked on me! But like most purchases at a till you usually end up regretting it and I’m sad to say this is one of those times.

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REVIEW – LUSH Cupcake Mask

LUSH cupcake maskNOM NOM NOM… Oh hello! Sorry you had to find me publicly drooling over the yummiest face mask in the world, I just couldn’t help myself! Now using chocolate as a face mask may seem like a huge waste of chocolate and yes whilst wearing this you may look like the worlds biggest racist, but there are benefits to wearing chocolate as a face mask.

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LUSH Lip Scrub vs Bodyshop Lipscruff

makeup month

lush lip scrub

Okie dokie I know this isn’t technically makeup but its in the makeup section at body shop so that’s good enough for me. These are two products I got lately because I been having some dry lip issues and I find using a toothbrush way to rough on my lips! (gives me a rash around my mouth like people who lick there lips too much… anyone else get this?)

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