Rate, Hate or Debate?

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Okie Dokie, it’s the end of the month! Hasn’t January felt SO long? I think it’s because everyone got paid earlier in December and you end up having to make one pay check last around 5 weeks. I think that’s why people get January blues. Anyway with February the month of LUUURRVE coming up people should start cheering up again! Anyway lets see the 3 things that summed up this month! Continue reading


Lily Lolo Foundation

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OKie Dokie, I have a slight confession to make to you… I have started using foundation again. I know, I know I made a big statement about not using them anymore, and I didn’t for a month and a half, but it didn’t make that much of a difference to my spots that I was getting (which I found out was hormonal, so not sure what I’m supposed to do about THAT) but I am still on the wagon for dimethicone (read about my war on dimethicone click here) because that does give me bad outbreaks.Ever since I have been looking for a foundation that DOESNT contain this ingredient. So that brings me back to this little discovery.

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