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I am in well need of a clear out! When you have a back log of about 5 shower gels I think it’s time to have a blog sale!

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Okie Dokie here’s to me being a little bit lazy! I am doing a group post of things I have meant to get around to reviewing once I used them but don’t have enough to say about them, it’s not that they are bad products but I would only be able to write a few lines about each one and I wouldn’t feel like their  worth their own post. Anyway to the review!

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A Much Needed Haul!

Mini HaulOkie Dokie here’s a haul (not really a huge one but when you have little money but have to stick with what you need) that was a long time coming and one I really needed (hence why its full of essentials) so I thought I would do a little update on what I got.

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REVIEW – Botanics Body Cloth Polisher

Botanics body cloth polisherOkie Dokie, ever have one of those moments where you’re in a stand off with an inanimate object screaming “why the FRACK did I buy YOU!!!”? If you haven’t then you should it’s oddly soothing… My moment came when I used this atrocity.

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REVIEW – Botanics Eye and Lip Correction Serum


Botanics eye and lip correction serumOkie Dokie, here’s an Eye and Lip serum I was using for a while. Not anymore though. When it comes to eye creams I like to try a different one every time just because I haven’t found one that really works with what I want it too. I want an eye cream that gets rid of dark circles and s anti- ageing I don’t need de-puffing because I never get puffy eyes. Just permanent dark circles had since I was a kid, must be hereditary because I sleep loads, I’m always thirsty so I drink loads, and my sinuses aren’t really a problem.

Anyways this is a cream that didn’t do an awful lot for me. I’m starting to get fine lines underneath my eyes, but this didn’t do anything about them, it’s not really focused on dark circles so it didn’t work on that. The only good thing about this that I am still using it for is that’s it’s really hydrating. You will never get dry eyes with this baby. I’m not using it on my eyes though I use this now for my lips only. I don’t have any wrinkles there but I do suffer with dry lips and a shmear of this on it is really good for them. Leaving you with really soft lips (especially overnight).

3/5 As an eye serum it’s kind of eh, but as a lip serum it’s good.