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Hello this is me! If you don’t know who ‘me’ is (just like when you knock on the toilet door and ask whose in there and they say “Me”) so “me” AKA Becky or Bex, I’m 24 years old, I’m an art graduate from UCLAN, I come from the lovely little Yorkshire but currently squatting in enemy territory (I jest Lancashire you know I love you).

I’m blogging to do reviews on the millions of products I buy and try. I am brutally honest, so theres no chance of me altering my views on anything (I’m pretty stubborn too.)

10 things about me, Just so you know what type of person I am (you may hate me, you never know)

1. I’d like to think I’m funny but I always get “that was pretty funny for YOU.” I’m not sure what to make of that.

2. I sometime make weird noises for no reason. Even when I’m alone

3. I think I may be addicted to Boots (the shop AND the shoes).

4. My absolute favourite piece of clothing is a big baggy uni Hoodie, it’s just too comfy for words.

5. When I take a picture of myself I look OK, when others take a picture of me I turn into Mrs Hyde. (sometimes even MR!) Anyone else have this problem?

6. I believe in the phrase “If you don’t have anything nice to say to someones face, don’t say it behind their back either”

7. I have a tendency to stick my foot in it a lot. When I visit mates houses and parties I am always given a list of things I’m not allowed to mention. To the point of the obvious and ridiculous.

8. I’m a messy git. My bedrooms a tip and it infuriates my Boyfriend to no end.

9. Even though I’m nearly 24, I don’t feel like a woman. I feel like a girl. Even though I’m engaged I still call him my boyfriend because I look quite young (apparently) I don’t feel old enough yet.

10. I love animals, all kinds, except Horses. I think its because I went to a Royal Cavalry Show when I was 4 and I got poo flung at me ALOT because we had front row seats. Kinda ruined them for me. I mean they POO and RUN at the same time. How weird is that?

OK thats enough about me as a person. Here’s some quick stats to help you when I review products so you know my restrictions.

Hair: Fine but I have a lot of it, it’s currently about 3 inches past the shoulder, so it’s quite long, prone to being quite dry. I home dye my hair and it’s currently medium Brown.

Skin: I would have to say pretty normal, small pores but prone to outbreaks especially at ‘hormonal’ times. Quite PALE so I won’t review tanning products sorry, but pale ladies I will be reviewing foundations which we know is such a hassle.

Nails: Strong, sadly dry cuticles but that’s due to my job, as I work a lot with my hands making installations, drawing etc. nothing special to keep them strong, I drink a lot of milk…

Height, size etc: Not doing my weight because you should never ask a lady her weight… anyway I’m 5ft 9″ and have 34″ leg length so I will do a post on where to find jeans trousers etc, I am a size 10, I am not a fashion victim I will not follow it blindly so that’s not going to be a main focus for me so my posts about thats will probably be more functional. I have no trouble about lounging around the house in a big baggy jumper!

Allergies: Well actually I do have quite a few allergies to skincare products haven’t got a clue what chemical it is that brings it out but these are the products I react against. NIVEA, GARNIER, OXY, CLEARASIL and SOME CLINIQUE products although the Clinique is not quite as strong as the others but it makes my skin all blotchy and brings out loads of dry patches, sales woman made me waste £50 on that crap. Heres some advice. YOU KNOW YOUR OWN SKIN, don’t let a woman out of beauty counters doubt yourself, their saleswomen not experts on your skin. You know whose the expert on your skin? YOU ARE. Plus never trust a woman that thinks the Ump-a Lump-a look is coming in style. (Although I just been told some poor girls who put on their makeup like that do so because their bosses told them they weren’t wearing ENOUGH makeup! Poor girls!)

As my friends know, and my fiancée Ryan from being dragged around, I love boots and am addicted to products. Sadly nowadays thanks to airbrushing of superiorly beautiful models we never know from the adverts what we are going to get with a product, especially makeup. So I am committed to posting about the products I try in hopes it will help you with how good they are!

Ahh for good measure lets put in a picture where I’m not drunk, quite recent too. why not?

A good pic of me, not so good pic of the state of the room! Oh dear, to be fair thats my art desk behind me, and there isn’t a single art desk thats neat in the world (FACT).

So thats just a little about me. I could of done a lot but I went with a little.

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10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. “I mean they POO and RUN at the same time. How weird is that?” haha, brill!
    Also, I can relate to the feeling young bit. I call my fiancée to other people “my partner” because fiancée sounds too grown up. However calling her my partner just gets me mistaken for being gay!

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