MakeUp Month!


MakeUp Month is here!! Now your probably wondering why I would dedicate a whole month to makeup alone and it’s because it’s a area of my routine that has been seeing the most neglect! I been sooooooo lazy with my make-up routine I keep doing the same thing every day (barely there makeup) because its quick and I haven’t anywhere to go (someone please give me a JOB I’m this close to CLEANING just for something to do! Can you believe I only graduated 2 weeks ago and I’m BORED?) I haven’t done hardly any posts about it either, so this month is a well earned kick up the backside!

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Makeup. What I Love, What I Hate


Okie dokie heres some things I love about Makeup and what I hate about it. Even the most enthusiastic person about makeup in the world has things about makeup they hate, styles they hate etc. The area is so versatile it makes it great and sometimes a pain.

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Should Airbrushing be Banned From Makeup Adverts?

banned_makeup_adsThe above adverts were banned last week for airbrushing too heavily in the pictures and false advertisement and in my personal opinion?Hurrah! I am glad that FINALLY the government is taking a stand against the makeup’s industry of airbrushing models trying to sell us makeup!

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Look at the State of my Makeup Desk

Makeup Month

A lot of Bloggers have been showing off their really clean, very pretty, sweet makeup desks…. But as someone who has to live their entire life out of one room mine does not look like anything like theirs! I personally don’t think these extremely tidy makeup desks are a real representation… no one has there desks that organised everyday unless you have OCD (I think a bit of shame cleaning went on). I basically live like a teenager until I get a job and move so I can’t buy pretty little desks and huge mirrors because I have nowhere to put them! So here’s what a real makeup desk looks like….

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Ecotools Makeup Brush Set – School Report

Makeup Month

Name: Ecotools brush set

Age: 11/02/11

Ethnicity: Bamboo and Synthetic Bristles

Feedback on Lessons: A, D, C, C, U

Ecotools Brush Set

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