LUSH Tea Tree Water

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I know it seems I have been on a LUSH bender at the minute but seeing as my current bank balance is £0.00 until further notice you will have to bare with me as my reviews will probably have to be spread out quite a bit now!

What is it?

Well we all know what toner is don’t we? So I am not going to condescend you by explaining what it is. This toner I bought when my skin was going through my bad patch and it seemed that nothing was going to fix it. Then I decided to go all natural and pretty much switched all my skincare for LUSH products. I bought this toner as it promises detoxify my oily skin and keep my pores from getting clogged up my last toner wasn’t up to much so I thought I would try anything.

First Impressions

Nice big bottle! Hurrah! I like big bottles and I cannot lie! Value for money people and the sell by date is a nice long year BONUS! It’s £7 which I think is quite reasonable for the amount (250ml) it’s a spray though and I don’t know about you but it feels quite alarming spraying something in your face (I wince EVERY time) but other than that its a very mild toner its doesn’t tingle at all doesn’t dry out your skin, and left my skin feeling very soft actually. Even better? I even noted my makeup applied to my skin better just from switching toners!

Lasting Impressions

I have found the only toner I will ever buy! My skin is clearer than its been in YONKS, its softer and my makeup adheres to my skin better its awesome! I honestly thought toner was the one point of your skincare routine that made the least amount of difference to your skin. I am glad this thing proved me wrong.

5/5 – The best thing I have bought in a long time


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