Long Time No Blog…

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Oh my god I haven’t written a diary post in such a long time its SHAMEFUL! To be fair I don’t normally do that much (I must be kinda boring… oh wait I’m just poor) so most of the time I struggle to write stuff for this post (sometimes I just don’t remember what I have been doing, ever get that?) anyway a brief catch up is in order.

As you have probably guessed we went to see the Svengali show. This is however the second time I have seen it. Don’t get me wrong Derren Brown is some kind of evil genius and if you only ever step inside a theatre once in your life make sure you see this (I made a solemn promise not to reveal any part of the show, so it sucks to be you if you haven’t seen it :P) I just don’t need to see it twice. It’s because Ryan is fascinated by the man and loves his shows (half our walls are covered in Derren Brown memorabilia, aren’t boys weird?) So we saw it last year and again this year and took our friend to see it too, I really liked it but I am not the kind of person who likes to be on stage or be involved in shows in any kind of way so I patiently sit for 3 hours praying I am invisible but at least this time we didn’t meet him. Sounds like a weird thing to say but we once had drinks with him in his dressing room (weird twitter luck) and it was such a stressful experience for me. My reaction was so weird, I dreaded going to see him (I don’t have anything against him, it’s the fact that he was famous and I wanted to be invisible than have any kind of attention) I basically spent the entire time not talking (extremely weird if you know me) shaking like a leaf. I have no idea what came over me. I just sat there hoping he wouldn’t direct his attention on me and directing the conversation towards Ryan the entire time. Some of you normal folk may not understand this. People who make arse wipes of themselves when attention is focused on them will understand completely!

Apart from that not much to say really, Had friends up for the weekend (LOVE you guys!) found a racist sign (Black Tiger Wood), accidentally watched frogs have sex (as in “ohh look at all the frogs guys… god they’re so noisy….wait a minute… are watching frogs have sex?… is that what were hearing?” and shuffling off quickly) ohh saw the Global Rainbow! We had it here in Preston for 4 days (because of the guild… I am not a Prestonian I don’t see whats so special about being the only city let in Britain in a Guild, if you’re the only one in a club it’s not a club is it?) anyway it was pretty cool looky here

beauty blog - Global rainbow

Its only really impressive close up like this its quite faint from other parts of the city but it still went on for miles which is pretty cool. This really made up for the fact that the Northern Lights were visible in Preston… except that all you could bloody see were green clouds DAMMIT. Pretty but not the amazing sight you want to see is it? So that’s a cool once in a lifetime experience that I had no idea existed until last week but it’s good when stuff like that just happens.

anyway it’s getting late now (half seven but Finding Nemo’s on and its grabbing my attention) so I better be off!

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