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I have had this products for months now and I forgot to review it! (oops! ps if you’re wondering what the white stuff is in the picture, I made pizza dough and got flour… well everywhere) This was pretty much an impulse purchase and I bought it to compare to the asian BB creams I have used.

What is it?

Most of you should be familiar with BB creams by now, I have explained this a few times so I am going to briefly explain it (if you want a more detailed one click here) it’s basically a super charged tinted moisturiser that supposed to have great skin benefits as wells giving you coverage.

First Impressions

I picked up this colour in fair and in normal/oily skin and it came in a nice green box, but the box is prettier than the packaging on it. As you can see it’s plain and white which I guess is OK but a bit dull. This promises a flawless healthy complexion and a bare makeup look. The SPF in it is fairly low for a BB cream at 15 although in the UK that seems the average (when do we get sunlight anyway?). When I first opened the tube I groaned. It looked REALLY dark (I knew I should have broken open a box at Boots) and it looks really quite orange (side note, why do makeup companies think we are different shades of ORANGE?) and when I put it on I had a quite orange face. NOT HAPPY.

Lasting Impressions

Well what a waste of money. Overall it spread nicely and gave quite good cover on the skin, but the shades are appalling. I get so annoyed about this. Orange is not a FAIR shade. Why in the UK if your pale you have to change your skin colour to find a foundation? The cosmetic industry should cater to US not the other way around. It’s not like there isn’t DEMAND for it. OK manic rant aside, I’m afraid the western makeup companies will never compete with the asian market that DOES cater to paler people. The UK BB creams seem to be tinted moisturisers with SPF in it (this one is no exception) whereas the asian ones are jam-packed with anti-ageing ingredients and anti- oxidants these seems to be a knock off in comparison. There barely BB creams.

2/5 – crap shades, not much in it, a BB cream for the blissfully ignorant

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2 thoughts on “No7 BB Cream

  1. Very enjoyable blog, but you could use an English lesson – “Why in the UK if your pale”; should be “you’re”.
    “There barely BB creams.”; should be “they’re”.

    • Well I hope that made you feel good about yourself, I’m sure your practically perfect in every way are you? Well thanks for your delightful insight on my education but I’m not changing it. You can accept me and my mistakes or you can go away

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