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Been on a LUSH spree for the past few months, I never really tried their products before except the odd bath bomb here and there. So heres my first cleanser I have tried from LUSH! 

What is it?

This is LUSH’s top cleanser (well the most popular anyway) I bought this after I ran out of makeup remover and all the customer views says it went through makeup like no tomorrow so I thought I would give it a try. My skin is quite sensitive and I have been meaning to go down a more natural route via skincare.

First Impressions

For a 100ml tub its £10.25 which seemed a little expensive to me but I guess it’s still cheaper than some top end cleansers and if it works I won’t mind paying the price. When opening the tub your met with an odd smell. It’s not pleasant but it’s not unpleasant either, I guess it smells whatever “bland” would smell like! I picked up a blob and started cleaning my face it seems to get through my makeup ok, but it’s not completely thorough it left a bit of mascara as that stubborn “eyeliner” that always gets left behind but nearly all cleaners do this with me.

Lasting Impression

After using this for about a month now I think this may be the last time I buy this cleanser. This contains beeswax and leaves a greasy film on the skin that takes AGES to get off! I need another cleanser just to get this one off! Also I don’t think it was doing anything for my spots but it didn’t make my skin worse either. I think this wold be perfect for anyone who just wants a cleanser but the greasy film was a deal breaker for me. It makes me cringe!

3/5 – If you don’t mind (or can get off) the greasy layer its an OK cleanser

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2 thoughts on “LUSH Ultra Bland

  1. I can’t seem to get away with using cream cleansers around my eye area, I like one product that does the job.

    I tried a sample of this but didn’t like the greasy feel either.

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