Rate, Hate and Debate – February

beauty blog - rate hate or debate

Oh my god where did February go??? Even with the extra day it snuck up on me I feel like I woke up and its suddenly March. I didn’t even twig yesterday when everyone was taking about leap years because I had to idea what the date was. I was vaguely aware of 20 something… I need to check my calendar more often!

So blonde moment aside let’s get down to business!


Big Hair

Drawing, I am really loving getting to do what I really love doing at the minute. I mean nobody is paying me for it (yet) but building up my portfolio has been really fun and I have so many ideas! Even better was yesterday Victoria’s Secret liked this very picture of mine on Pinterest! I was so chuffed I was giddy and hyper all day because of it. So now is to find work (anyone want an illustration doing?)


Acne Flares!!!! I am having a bad flare up at the minute after having a much too brief bout of clear skin. It’s always on one side of my face, very annoying!!!


Well this isn’t really a debate more like a request. I need quick and healthy recipes! I am getting bored with the cycle of recipes I have (not many) and I would love to try something new! I especially need to make vegetables taste nicer (Ryan always just wants chips and he doesn’t like vegetables, its like dealing with a child) so anyone got a cool recipe just post me a link, it would be most appreciated!

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