Vo5 Plump It Up Mousse

beauty review blog - Vo5 Plump it up Volume mousse

OK, OK so I may be a tad obsessed with Vo5 lately.. But can you blame me?

What is it?

I seemed to completely miss the launch of the volumising range by Vo5 and discovered this is ASDA. Either the shampoos and conditioners hogged all the limelight or I walked around with my eyes shut. Anyway with the curse of the flat head that befell me at birth I am constantly on the look for products like this i.e. Volume. This is a lightweight formula (which to be honest I ignored because all mousses say this) and has heat defence in it (and you can’t get enough defence for that) So off I skipped with this to the checkout to see if it actually works.

First Impressions


No that is not whipped cream on my hand its this mousse! It looks delicious. I seriously wanted to eat it to see how it would taste. Fortunately I resisted because I imagine it’s probably pretty toxic. So appearance is good, it doesn’t have a strong smell (which is a plus because some people can be quite sensitive to them) and when I put it through my hair it spread so evenly. The best bit about it though? absolutely no stickiness. Not even on my hands. To be honest it took me several goes to notice this because my hair was so dry so I couldn’t tell if this was helping or hurting my hair but after an overnight mask, I noticed that after putting this through my hair it wasn’t any harder to brush (unlike most mousses)

Lasting Impressions

I think other hair care brands should take a leaf out of Vo5’s book. I really like this mousse! It doesn’t give a massive amount of volume but it gives me just enough that my hair doesn’t start to look like it needs scaffolding, it actually makes my hair easier to style and my hair keeps it shape better. Plus the non sticky formula makes it the best mousse I have used, volume shouldn’t mean ripping my hair out of my head!

5/5 – V05 keep them coming!

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