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I have discovered Pinterest and I am completely ADDICTED!

Thing is though when you explain to people what it is it sounds kinda… blah. You have boards and you put pictures on them sounds a bit like an insanely simple idea that would get boring really easily. I don’t know what it is about it though but I love looking at peoples boards and the pictures they put in it. Funnt cat pictures, Clothes people like, wedding boards, Interior design… I could go on but I love creating board and finding new pictures. I can’t explain what about it I like. Maybe its because I’m a girl and with 97% of their members being women I wouldn’t be surprised if its just down to the fact that we like looking at pretty things! The only annoying thing is you have to request an invite and wait for them to send you it before you join… so if you want to join me on Pinterest leave me your email address and I’ll send you one NOW!

Happy Pinning

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