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This is my latest purchase from Clinique and I have a slight confession to make here … I gave in to compliments! My vanity took me over here because I wasn’t intending to buy this at all!

See what I was actually planning to buy was my last moisturiser (superdefense) but in Oily combination because last time it was way too heavy on my skin when the Clinique girl asked me if I wasn’t interested in Anti ageing products because she didn’t think I needed it I could try this instead. Instead of correcting her because she probably has my age wrong (most people think I’m about 20) I didn’t and went along with it! Not too much of a big deal as I have my oil for the anti ageing part I can add to it but I should not be so easily swayed! Lol.

What is it?

This is Clinque’s newest Moisturiser and it’s a one product fits all skin types deal. I was a little doubtful about it as my skin can be quite oily and titles like MOISTURE SURGE seem a little scary and something you should avoid. It’s a very light gel formula though and it left the skin on the back of my hand nice and soft and sank in very quickly so I thought what the heck and bought it. (whilst leaving the store stroking my hands like a lunatic for about half an hour)

First Impressions

Despite its name when I was using this I wasn’t actually sure it WAS very moisturising at all. Not because I had dry skin because I didn’t but because it sank into the skin so quickly and the gel is so extremely light that I couldn’t believe it was moisturising very well. I thought I would soon be breaking out in dry patches and this would be yet another product I would give away. Having said that I did like the lightness of it and it leaves skin velvety soft.

Lasting Impressions

Despite being skeptical about its moisturising properties or whether or not it would work on oily skin, I really love this moisturiser! My skin is moisturised but not overloaded it hasn’t caused any breakouts, no excessive oiliness. Also you only need a small amount of product because the gel spreads so nicely on your face so your jar is going to last you ages. It just leaves the skin very soft and it sinks almost immediately, It’s almost prefect! I mean it could do with adding some anti ageing properties to it for people who don’t have an anti ageing oil to add to it but besides from that I love this moisturiser! I think it will be a regular in my routine for a long time.

4/5 – It could do with some anti ageing properties but otherwise perfect!

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