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My relationship with Lush has always been a bit mixed, I mean I like them in theory but their products were always 50/50 to me.

First things first, happy Valentines day! I will always be happy on Valentines day even if I’m alone because it’s the one day a year dedicated to love and happiness and what’s so bad about that? Nothing that’s what (sorry read too many “I hate Valentines day” posts today)

Anyway after a recent bout of bad skin I decided to shed some dwindling money on some Lush products to give them a fair go. The one thing that usually held me back was the price. You have to admit it’s pretty pricey for the amount you get but the really annoying thing is the sell by dates. I guess thats the price for fresh products but when you buy a tub of cleaners you kind of want it to last more than a month. That’s why I always got mixed feeling s about them I would buy a face mask use it about 4 times (once a week) and then it was out of date and I feel a tiny bit robbed.

This time I got a mask that has a longer sell by date because it doesn’t need to be a in a fridge. Magnaminty! This has got around 2 months usage out of it (supposed to be 3 but when do you go in and its been made days before?)

I also got ocean salt because I got some dry skin issues and my exfoliater is just a bit too gentle (sometimes you need it rough!) and ultra bland cleanser. Ultra Bland is actually the one I went in for just despite a deceptive name its apparently a very deep cleaning cleanser and I can’t wait to try it!

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