Batiste XXL Big & Bouncy Dry Shampoo

beauty review blog - Batitse xxl dry shampoo

This is a product that I didn’t see much point in, hence why it took me so long to get around to buying it. I though since dry shampoo’s already add volume that this wasn’t going to be a huge difference. However I was curious about it especially seeing as people were saying how much volume it puts in your hair so on a 3 for 2 offer on haircare in Boots I decided to just see how it works.

What is it?

I am a huge fan of dry shampoos, as someone whose hair gets greasy within 12 hours I always have to have a can in the bathroom on standby. One quick spray and a rub in and your greasy hair is gone. I have always loved the brand Batiste and I have never been disappointed by them before so one that would help fix my flat hair too? I thought it would be a guaranteed success.

First Impression

My first impressions on using it was the smell. It smells bloody divine. It really is SO nice I want that smell in a perfume its brilliant. I sprayed it into my roots and it came out VERY white. You always get some white with dry shampoo but it rubs out easy enough. When I tried rubbing this though I noticed how stiff my hair suddenly was. My hair is usually nice and soft but suddenly it was bone dry and felt very stiff and brittle I didn’t mind so much at the time because WOW was my hair big! I loved the volume I got, and the spray is much easier than a little tub for application but after a hour or so my hair looked stringy. You know when it knots together in string clumps normally the day after you’ve washed it? But it had only been about 2 hours! When I brushed it though it was knotty as hell and kept needing brushing during the day. Not as such a deal breaker but a tad annoying.

Lasting Impression

I probably could have put up with knotty hair if it wasn’t for the fact that my hair has been hell ever since. My hair has gone from moisturised and sleek to a dry, knotty, brittle, broken mess. I have a tons of split ends where my hair has just broken off in the past week and my hair won’t retain moisture . The problem basically is that I tried it a few times, but to wash out the product I have to wash it like 3 times, It’s so stubborn and it has sucked everything out of my hair like a leech. My hair has been in a state since and I am going to need a trim and a few overnight hair masks to sort it out. As for the hair I have yanked out of my head trying to brush it are sadly gone forever.

1/5 – There are some things you shouldn’t sacrifice for volume

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3 thoughts on “Batiste XXL Big & Bouncy Dry Shampoo

  1. The best treatment for your hair is rubbing some coconut oil into it at night and leaving it on. Give it two washes in the morning. I have kinda limp hair but after this its got quite thick and so it has more volume and its really soft and nice (:

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