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I haven’t posted in over a week!! It’s almost criminal I should be shot for being so lazy! Well I haven’t been idle I have been doing things, lots of things (Including the odd Skyrim quest here and there)

So I think a quick update is in order on what I have been doing with myself, Well yesterday I went all the way up to Leyland for my interview… It went OK I think. The interviewers were kinda hard to read and were giving me that look like they are trying to read my mind. Parking though was my biggest faff. I had to log in to the building but I needed my reg number otherwise my car would have got clamped. I don’t know about you but I don’t KNOW my reg number off by heart and of course I parked the furthest away from the entrance as possible, and ended up running backwards and forwards from the car about 5 times and it made me a tad late. NOT a very good first impression. Although I don’t think I make very good first impressions in general, I waffle too much about absolute nonsense because I’m nervous and make daft jokes. That coupled with the tendency to put my foot in it A LOT doesn’t usually mean people warm to me immediately. Thing is though I KNOW I’m doing it it’s like an out-of-body experience where I’m stuck watching someone who looks like me being a fool. So to round things up, I don’t think I got that job.

At least I didn’t fall. Although some big belly laughs this week were caused by my co-ordination. Like when we went food shopping, we live on the top floor and in 3 months I have fallen up and down the stairs about half a dozen times. So when we had food shopping I had my hands full of bags and I fell up the stairs (of course), but I had NO HANDS! I fell face first and then I couldn’t get back up because I had no arms. After laughing at me for about 5 minutes Ryan helped me back up apparently there nothing funnier than looking behind you and someone just laid face down on the stairs! (he also says the same thing about gagging though)

So my little mothers birthday was this week too! (I think she is shrinking, even Megan is taller than her now) She had a birthday dinner last weekend at an Italian place and the food was SOOOOO nice! I pretty much had mushrooms with everything (how awesome are mushrooms?) but I started the meal a tad mad. OK I was more than just a tad angry….

You see the day started nicely enough, we set off to Manchester to meet our friends because it was one of their birthdays and we don’t get to see them much anymore, we had a really good time had lunch (egg and chips YUM, was supposed to have ham with it but it was horrible) had a couple of drinks. I guess what started to annoy me was the weather. Now I live in the north, I’m from Yorkshire I’m used to bad weather it’s just a part of life there but the weather on Saturday really started to annoy me, It was freezing cold, snowing in Manchester (but not in Preston) and after being on trains with no heating and not being able to warm my hands up by the time we got back to Preston and the cold wind blowing rain directly in my face trying and failing to keep my hood up and my hands so cold I couldn’t feel them, I had got so angry that I screamed “FUCK OFF!!” Yes I screamed at the weather. Ryan was in fits of laughter because I just didn’t care anymore, I was going to scream in the middle of the street and I didn’t care. Now this was about 5 o clock and we had to quickly get ready and go back out to drive to Wigan. Now my lovely little sister was supposed to meet us at our flat at half 5 but she wanted to be picked up on the specific instructions that she would be ready at her house to immediately set off as there’s a taxi setting off at 6:20 in Wigan and we had to get there in time. We get there, honk the horn twice. Nothing. I Storm out and knock. Nothing. Now Megan is particularly ignorant and refuses to answer doors not even for the post man (don’t ask me why, I don’t know, aren’t all 15 year olds like this?) Now I’m already mad so I start slamming my fists against the glass. Nothing. Now I’m getting angry again. I ring her and shout at her to come to the door NOW and hang up before she can start whingeing at me. After 5 minutes she’s STILL not there. I ring her again, more shouting, and she says she’s at the top of the street. We drive down the road and walking towards us is a drowned RAT. If I was angry before I am LIVID now. I open the door, “You are AWARE we are going to a RESTAURANT!” Unbelievably she starts WALKING PAST he car to go to her house and I just know she’s after going inside to dry and straighten her hair which takes her about an hour. After more screaming I got her in the car. We were LATE, all she did was complain about her HAIR trying to get sympathy from people because I wouldn’t let her get ready and it worked some of mum’s friends weren’t aware of how much of a selfish shit she can be and tried to make her feel better. I wanted to kill her. She had a bloody hood, but Megan is too good for hoods and would rather just get soaked instead. Her only excuse? I didn’t know the time. Now it may sound like I overreacted a bit but we didn’t even get a real apology out of her. Megan also has a habit of acting up on others people’s special days. At Mums last wedding Megan was in a strop all day and refused to smile for pictures and sulked all day. Needless to say I am still a bit annoyed with her.

Gah rant over! Whats funny is I don’t normally get that angry, I have been with Ryan for nearly 6 years and he’s said he’s never seen me that mad before. I guess it takes a lot to get to me or maybe teenagers just know how to push my buttons because I remember having more than a few fights with my other sister Lauren. That was different, she was argumentative (mum says she could argue with an empty room) and she has a much shorter fuse than me and would end up lashing out but we were both teenagers then, we both grew out of that behaviour. I have never even got that mad with ex boyfriends who cheated on me (drink in his face, get drunk with friends, have a cry, job done). Teenagers though on the other hand can get me into a RAGE. Or maybe its just sisters. Anyway what is it that gets YOU really mad?

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3 thoughts on “SORRY!!

  1. Well there was the time when you had a party in my house while I was away on holiday !!!! Oh and the time when the police called me to ask if I knew about the incident from the night before ! Oh and there was that time when …….. Mmmm they irked me some what

    Lol mum x

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