Rate, Hate or Debate?

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Okie Dokie, it’s the end of the month! Hasn’t January felt SO long? I think it’s because everyone got paid earlier in December and you end up having to make one pay check last around 5 weeks. I think that’s why people get January blues. Anyway with February the month of LUUURRVE coming up people should start cheering up again! Anyway lets see the 3 things that summed up this month!


Lily lolo

Ahh This is so nice I had to repeat it! (twice. Sorry I couldn’t help myself!) A perfect mineral foundation for us pale faces! Just click the picture and it should take you straight to my review of it!



Don’t worry I don’t hate my cat… much. I hate the fact that I haven’t had a solid nights sleep ever since we got him. I. AM. KNACKERED. He’s worse than a baby because I’m pretty sure babies don’t run around ALL night leap onto your chest, chew the wires, eat the wicker basket (yes you heard EAT) whilst sounding like a heard of elephants. He sleeps ALL day and pisses around all night and first thing in the morning. In fact after all that time pissing me off he’s asleep right now. Thing is though I wouldn’t mind so much if we 1) didn’t live in a flat where banging around could cause a problem 2) the entire flat wasn’t open plan. Even the bedroom although its upstairs doesn’t have a door it’s just upstairs and we have slats that overlook the living room so we can hear everything he gets up too. I probably wouldn’t mind if he was cuddly and sweet in any way. He’s not. It’s a very rare occurrence that he wants to be anywhere near you, he will bite you and kick you if you try stroking him. He’s a bloody freak. When we picked him up from the vet when he got  his ding dongs lopped off, he was the only one pawing to get out and wowing, the other two who were in before him were sat nice and calm, I thought he was supposed to calm down? Although the vet said when he gets home all he will want to do is sleep and rest and won’t be interested in food. All Tovey did was run around like a mad man and meow at the cupboard for food. I think he hears how cats behave and does the opposite. He even quacks at birds how normal is that?


Dying my hair. I keep swinging back and forth ever since I dyed it light brown (it does sorta blonde in the light) I’m just not sure I like it. Some days I do, some days I don’t. So I’m being indecisive on whether I should go brown again. 😦

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