My Favourite Scents mmmm….

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Sometimes I think there is no nicer compliment than someone telling you that you smell lovely. If you think about it, we take smells very seriously. We most certainly avoid people who smell bad (like this couple who shops at the same time as us every Thursday and they smell like their rotting it then becomes a shopping trip running away from the bad smell.) In fact I am going to admit something that seems a bit shallow of me, but when I first started going out with Ryan I actually dumped him because he smelt bad! (I thought it might be a family smell, it was really musky, turns out he borrowed his brothers aftershave to “impress” me, whoops!)

I think smells are very important, also because I am partly deaf I am a bit more sensitive to smells to the point a bad smell can make me sick. On the other hand a REALLY nice smell can make a guy more attractive although I also think it’s the same effect as when you see them dressed in a tuxedo too (think they may be magic). A really nice smell can make you want to smell that smell all the time, bring back powerful memories and make you instantly happier.

My favourite smells are always floral and happy, as you may tell any overly musky smells repel me at once! So these are a few of my favourite floral and fruity smells.

beauty review blog - Moschino cheap and chic I love love

Moschino cheap and chic I love love

This is the first perfume I ever bought for myself at 15 (obviously this isn’t the same bottle) I think I will always have a bottle of this handy, it’s a really fruity but fresh smell. To me it’s a very “young” smell, if you know what I mean? I like for days I am feeling a bit childish and giddy. It’s quite a cheerful smell and I stopped wearing it for a while because it felt like every other girl was wearing it (nearly 10 ears ago now), Now however I feel I can wear it again because its been out donkeys years and people have moved on to newer perfumes.

beauty review blog - D&G Number 3

D&G Number 3 L’Imperatrice

I remember the first time I smelt this perfume, I was at uni on a way to an art history lecture and I had bumped into *another* Becky and she was waiting for an other people to show up so they could all go together to the lecture and a girl called Jane came bounding up. Her perfume literally blew our heads off.  She had poured this on herself even she knew how strong she smelt, but she was really hungover and trying to cover up the smell of Archers (It reeks out your pores the next day) Despite the fact the fact the first time I smelt this was in pure excess I loved it. I even went to a Debenhams to smell all the others in the series to see if there was one that smelt even nicer but this one was the best for me. It’s a smell that’s both floral and fruity, but its soft. It’s very feminine and I love this for days when I want to feel girly (I never look girly but I sometimes want to smell like one).

beauty review blog - Illamasqua Freak

Illamasqua Freak

This is a perfume I admittedly wouldn’t have bought for myself, I got it in my Huda beauty gift bag but I am really glad she sent this to me! This is by far the most edgiest smell I own, this is the first perfume where you can really smell the layers of scent in it. When you first spritz it all you smell is opium. I always had a soft spot for opium, not for perfume but it reminds me of the bottles of Opium perfume my mum had in her room and every time I went in there I would spray it so her room would smell of it for ages. (I think it annoyed her as she never wore it, I’m not sure she even liked the smell) The opium dissipates very quickly though and what your left with is a very sultry smell. I guess you can say this is my sexiest perfume I have! This has just a hint of mustiness to it, not enough to put me off though just a hint is enough for me. It’s a very sensual smell, musty and floral at the same time.

beauty review blog - Gucci Pour homme II

Gucci Pour Homme II

Ah it wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t add my favourite aftershave as well would it? Just because I don’t wear it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy smelling it! In fact I think my opinion is MORE important on this one because I think that’s the whole reason men wear aftershave is so partners will think they smell nice and this smells SOOOoooo LOVERLY! It’s my favourite on Ryan (and I’m sure he doesn’t mind me constantly sniffing his neck…) He must like it too as he’s halfway through this bottle in under a year. It’s such a nice smell, it’s just a hint of musty smell to it but a gorgeously sensual smell. I love this scent I could smell it all day! It’s difficult to describe this scent because it doesn’t smell of anything familiar, all I know is its divine!

Well now my flat reeks of perfume, Yey for me but my cat is hiding under the bed (he doesn’t like perfumes… It’s a trick I developed with him, He kept chewing my necklaces so I used a perfume I hate and squirted it on the necklaces and the stink of it keeps him away, I think he thinks I’m marking my territory or something and I just marked the entire flat! Oops.) Gotta go coax him back out!

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