Why Are We Waiting?

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That pretty much sums up this week. Waiting. I don’t think I am alone when I say I hate waiting around. It’s a sort of limbo where nothing happens because your waiting for SOMETHING to happen. Time goes slower, your patience is shorter and its JUST. SO. DULL.

So what am I waiting for? Lots of little things really… In the literal sense of the word I have been at my mums house 2 days in a row waiting for her furniture deliveries (I think she may be a magpie… it’s all glass, If it sparkles she HAS to have it) So because I have no life, I have been available for all this waiting around. I don’t mind too much, I guess its something to do, and besides mum has Sky tv.

But that’s not the only thing I am waiting for… I am waiting for shifts from work (I’m sorta on standby so I am just waiting around to see if they have a shift available… so far, Nope). I am also waiting for an Interview I have the week after next, (not going to jinx it by talking too much about it, but fingers crossed) waiting for Ryan to come home for lunch so I can run my errands this afternoon… So after all these little things pile up, its leaves me feeling very restless, and VERY bored.

Not that I haven’t been keeping myself busy, of course I have this blog, my art blog (link here) been working on my sketchbook for the worldwide tour, painting and building up an illustration portfolio, watching tutorial videos, readings other people’s blogs, reading daily DYAC, checking Bubzbeauty’s website, playing on the sims (when it works) and of course cleaning (although that’s not fun). With all these things I’m doing you would think I wouldn’t have TIME to be bored would you? Apparently there are too many hours in a day and apparently I work very fast.

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Something like this, takes about 5 hours to paint. For me to concentrate on one thing for that long, that’s not a game, is a LONG time (do I have a touch of ADD?). This is why, usually, when I work somewhere they love me. I can’t NOT be doing something. I bore easily and constantly searching for busy work and jobs to do, so needless to say I’m quite productive. I’m not sure whats wrong with me, I can’t relax, relaxing is… dull. Most people’s ideal holiday is sea, sun and sand. To me however that’s the dullest thing I can think of. First of all I don’t tan well and end up with prickly heat, and burns, but just laying there, or floating in the sea ALL day… I hate it. My ideal holiday is a city break with lots of places to see, museums, art galleries, monuments. I love it. Ryan loves them holidays too but his anal side kind of kicks in when he plans itineraries and lots of walking, and I mean a huge amount of walking, last time we went to London we walked so much that when I got home I paid the price for not wearing sensible shoes and my foot swelled up twice its size for 2 days (I trip a lot and hit my foot into a bollard and tripped over some fencing on the floor… to be fair, what is a fence doing on the floor?). Honestly my holidays are pretty knackering and it makes me slightly grumpy if I don’t stay hydrated and keep snacks on me but I love them. When I look back I don’t remember (much) that I was knackered and hungry, I remember the awe I felt seeing the Venus de Milo, Ryan being scared of the glass lift in the Eiffel tower (and me giggling), nearly getting conned in the streets and a funny statue that had a pigeon perched on its bum, those memories beat remembering sun burn hands down. Wonder where my next holiday should be… I think, if I get this job I will book a holiday. I haven’t had one in 2 years now and I think I want to do some exploring!

OK so I have rambled on long enough and this has killed about half an hour of my time, so now for something else to do…

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