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This is another little cool product I got from my Huda Beauty gift bag, actually I got two of them! Quite handy as I can use one for home and one for travelling (and never the twain shall meet). This is another product I had no idea even existed before, and I have to say it’s quite a cool little discovery.

What is it?

Beauty Blenders are a new makeup sponge, it supposed to apply your foundation and concealers flawlessly and professionally and be so easy that even an absolute fool could use it (that’s the gist I got from it anyway). The conical shape is supposed to blend makeup without giving harsh lines (because the shape doesn’t have any lines) leaving your makeup looking like real skin

How does it work?

These sponges were an odd concept to me before I used them. Firstly you have to wet it. Once wet your then squeeze the excess water and use a towel to make sure the sponge is just damp. Then watch it expand and grow. It looks a little bumpy the first time you wet it but once it’s expanded fully it’s perfectly smooth. The way these sponges apply makeup is by bouncing the sponge on your face. The egg shape is perfectly shaped so the pointing end it good for concealer work and getting under your eyes etc and the big base is good flat base for applying your foundation.

So what did I think?

The first time I used this product I was suing a bb cream. Erm… It didn’t work well with the bb cream at all. I’m not sure why but maybe because it was a runnier texture because its liquid? Anyway I find this works much better with creamy products, solid foundations, concealers etc. So maybe that was it. With them foundation I found I really got on with these sponges. They really are so easy to use and blend your makeup really well, The really good thing as well is it really makes your makeup go far, it will cover up a spot or red area using hardly any product. It would be very difficult to overload your face using these! Although I have to say at the minute they are seeing much foundation action as I am using mineral makeup. These sponges do not get on with powder makeup at all! It doesn’t blender the dampness pretty much washes the makeup off.. eh it’s just not compatible.

4/5 – Doesn’t get on with all kinds of makeup, if you got a creamy foundation though this is for you!

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One thought on “Beauty Blenders

  1. I have one of these, got a Cosmopolitan one from superdrug! I really like it, much better than brushes! I use it for my full coverage foundation but you dont half need to use a lot!

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