L’Occitane Rose & Violet Shower Jelly

beauty review blog - L'occitane shower jelly

Regular readers of my blog may recognise this little sample pot from my gift bag from the lovely Huda beauty, before then I just thought L’occitane just did hand creams, it’s certainly what they are most famous for! But now I think that once I get through the mountain of shower gels I got for christmas, I will definitely be looking for this again!

So what’s it like?

This. Smells. Amazing! This smells EXACTLY like Parma Violet sweeties! I LOVE parma violets!! In fact I think someone once got me  a gift of an entire box full of them! (it was an amazing time…) Thing is though its one of those sweets where you either love it or hate it, so if you can’t stand the thought of them this probably isn’t going to be for you. For me though I am in love with the stuff, this is one of the most favourite things I got in my gift bag! I love it, it leaves my bathroom smelling amazing for ages, although on your skin it doesn’t really last that long, what would just be amaze balls would be if they did a body moisturiser as well… *googles it… sad face when there isn’t, can’t even find this product anymore*

So what did I think of it?

I really liked this product, it’s a shame I can’t find it anymore! The candy jelly range must have been discontinued… It’s a shame because apart from the smell not lasting very long, it was a nice shower jelly. It did seem more like a gel than a jelly though. It foamed up nicely and lasted quite a long time really for such a small bottle (just over a month).I really wanted a large bottle of it, or at least one of their existing products they do that smells of violets!

5/5 – Smells amazing it’s a shame it doesn’t exist anymore… Bring it back!

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