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OKie Dokie, I have a slight confession to make to you… I have started using foundation again. I know, I know I made a big statement about not using them anymore, and I didn’t for a month and a half, but it didn’t make that much of a difference to my spots that I was getting (which I found out was hormonal, so not sure what I’m supposed to do about THAT) but I am still on the wagon for dimethicone (read about my war on dimethicone click here) because that does give me bad outbreaks.Ever since I have been looking for a foundation that DOESNT contain this ingredient. So that brings me back to this little discovery.

Lily Lolo is a british mineral makeup brand found online at, Normally though this wouldn’t overly excite me except for the fact that they cater to us VERY pale girlies. You know how much we struggle to find shades that are pale enough, and are sick of going to counters where they say they do and its slightly orange, its a pain. Anyway after wanting to try a mineral foundation for a while now, and bare minerals looking a bit dark for me so I never shelled out a small fortune for it, so when I found about this brand I was straight on the computer.

Sadly though I did NOT discover this. Actually before a couple of weeks ago I had never heard of Lily Lolo before, I heard about this from my Dad’s wife Claire because we had been talking about mineral foundations because I have wanted to try them for a while but she, like me, is quite pale and we can never find pale enough shades for us. She found this brand on their website and recommended it to me after finding very pale shades on there.

I have to say I was quite impressed with the website as the foundations are quite cheap! Mineral foundations your normally looking between £15 – £35 this is priced at £12.49 for really quite a big tub you get 10g of product in it and after a quick check with the ingredients list (dimethicone free! and its vegan friendly) I quickly ordered it, along with the concealer (review at a later date) and it arrived quickly a few days later (and I didn’t pay delivery)

Inside lily lolo

My first impression of this foundation was “GOD it’s quite pale” that would probably be because I ordered the palest which is porcelain. Normally the past shade is always too dark, and I don’t trust the swatches online so I automatically ordered the palest but in this instance they are really quite accurate so I would be careful you don’t accidentally order one TOO pale. This actually turned out to be a pretty perfect shade for me, but if your not quite that pale theres the next shade up blondie that was perfect for Claire.


Sorry about my cats foot there…he’s very nosey and was in EVERY shot. Typically now he’s gone to bed… anyway. One thing I liked was the size of the lid, I know people complained that Bare minerals lids where too small for pouring product in it, but this one is nice and big, the product comes out easily enough although it does take some practice not to make a huge mess of it. I think I have got foundation pretty much all over my flat (and its driving my fiancé crazy). The tubs holes are quite big on this product so it comes out easily enough. Although I have to say I struggle with their concealer ones. The application is the same as bare minerals that swirl and buff method (or whatever its called) I didn’t find this particularly hard to do but if your unsure Lily Lolo do provide a video on their website for you to follow.

I was quite surprised by the texture of the foundations as it’s a powder but when you buff it in it’s really creamy. I like that because I got worried how much coverage a powder can really provide, This I would say is about medium cover, its covers redness and evens out your skintone but if you have a particular angry-looking spot it’s not going to do a lot against it. (you need concealer for that) Despite that it’s quite light on the skin and is not at all cakey. It also stays on ALL day, its surprisingly long lasting but I do find that it can rub off easily (like when I hugged Ryan with a black jacket on…he was NOT impressed) so as long as your not rubbing your face on your boyfriends clothes it lasts for a really long time. Overall I am really pleased with it. I think I may order their blushers, and eye colours as I am quite impressed with price and range. Will be sticking to this foundation I think!

5/5 – I think I may have found the ONE

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3 thoughts on “Lily Lolo Foundation

  1. Glad to see you really like this, I recently ordered some and I’m super excited to try it out.
    I ordered Porcelain as well, I’m really hoping it’s a good match.
    I’m not very good at determining my paleness.
    Love your blog by the way 🙂

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  3. Hi ! I was curious about this foundation too! How bad does it rub off. Do u have really oily skin or did u apply many layers? Bc I will not purchase if it rubs off a lot!

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