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This pretty much sums me up today, I think I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed… for the past week. I think it is general Feddy- uppy-ness, this also explains the lack of posts as of late, been feeling very uninspired… Sorry! (do I look like an octopus monster in my pic? WAIT! do I look like Davy Jones form POTC??)

I do plan on fixing that though! I can’t complain about things that are easily fixed… because it pisses me off when other people do that. Sounds mean but I have no patience for people complaining about things that are easily changed. “Oh my hair is too long… it needs a cut… I hate my hair” I had to listen to this for weeks before I pointed out the fact that 1) they had time for a haircut 2) they had money for a haircut and 3) if they don’t book a hair appointment and stop whingeing about it I was going to kill them.

My grumbles are generally because I have too much free time. I need things to do! My shifts have been cut back to 0hrs a week for the next 3 weeks so I need projects! I have been job hunting, working on my illustrations etc. I even got an exercise routine in there (because I figure sitting on the computer is going to make me a fatty) and I hate exercising. Still I’m quite impatient, and I get a bit sad when I feel like I am not getting anywhere.

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So in my vast amount of spare time I have been watching Mark Crilley’s YouTube videos religiously at bedtime, which are really good! He does ‘how to draw’ tutorials. Now I know he’s a Manga artist and I am not, but he is so good and his techniques can be applied to all art forms, figures positions, drawing clothes. He is also a fantastic illustrator and realism artist. Now it may sound silly that I am taking how to draw tutorials when my degree is in drawing and image making. That title is a LIE. I didn’t draw for 3 years. I was pushed into installation work, and that really isn’t my strong suit. That’s partly my fault really, I should have stuck to my guns and did what I wanted to do, but you can’t undo the past. Anyway I have been trying to hone  my skills, and I realise now I have so much to learn! I think with art there’s never going to be a point where you stop learning, you develop new techniques and methods all the time, plus there’s are some areas I really struggle with and its good to do a refresher course every once in a while!

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This is another thing that’s annoying me and I feel I can complain about it because its EA’S fault. I got this for christmas and I was so excited to play on it, I thought my last expansion pack disk was scratched because I kept loading it OVER and OVER again and I kept getting disk unverification error on it. After contacting EA customer services that were vastly UNHELPFUL they just told me that my disk was probably damaged. (it had a teeny scratch on it, when are they going to start putting pc games on blu ray disks so they don’t scratch??) Anyway new disk arrived by the santa express and I have only been able to play it a handful of times because of the SAME ERROR. As it turns out ever since LION on the mac has come out, the game pretty much doesn’t work 99% of the time. It’s a bloody miracle when the game works. EA’s reaction to this? Ignore it and keep making expansion packs that don’t work. I have tried EVERYTHING except hacking the game, which I don’t want to do. It’s a shame because I really like the sims, I like playing god and *blushes* making me and Ryan in the game and seeing what our babies will look like… Don’t judge me! You know you do it too! So now I am this close to stamping on the thing, because its been around 6 months since I upgraded and EA have done nothing to fix it. I am actually getting quite mad at them as a company. There stupidly EXPENSIVE hair and clothes store… there stupid games that don’t even work! Get it together EA!

Okie Dokie going to wrap it up and try to find something to do…. My competition is still on if you want to win a Swarovski necklace just click here and enter! (what do you have to lose?)

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5 thoughts on “*Grumbles*

  1. Awwww Bex we love you! 😦 looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!!! Hopefully we can cheer you up a little bit! Have you got sims for the ps3? I like playing that, not sure if they do expansion packs but I’m guessing they probably have stuff you can donwload online? xxx

  2. I know exactly what you mean with the lack of inspiration for blog posts. I have lots of posts I could do but just don’t really feel like it. On the flipside, when I do finally finish a post, I get a major rush of accomplishment! Hope you get your mojo back 🙂

  3. Ahaha, I think it might be S.A.D for everyone…god, do we hate winter or what? Well, that’s my excuse anyways. We’ll all get it together soon I’m sure. Love you! :3

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