A Quiet Moment For…

beauty review blog - Benefit Bella Bamba

…My nearly departed blusher. It’s nearly all gone! Most people’s favourite blush from Benefit isn’t usually this one, some prefer coralista or the sugarbomb but this isn’t only my favourite Benefit blush… Oh no this is my FAVOURITE blusher ever!!

I can’t believe it’s nearly ran out! It’s had a long life, almost 2 whole years… I’ll be so sad when it runs out. This is because my hours have been cut back to 0 hours a week for 3 weeks (no that is NOT a typo) and I won’t be able to afford another one for a REALLY long time! 😦 Please someone give me a JOB! I need to buy essentials… like makeup.

beauty review blog - nearly empty blusher

My poor blusher… I have to sweep my brush round in circles but I fear it may not have long left… I already get a big gap in the middle of my brush! (Annoying) This colour is SO gorgeous! Now it looks a little bright but it suits my pale complexion perfectly, and as soon a its blended its looks so lovely!

beauty review blog - Colour

I LOVE this colour!! It’s a really nice flush of colour, and its a really pigmented pink, I had to do quite a stung streak to show up for the camera but it can be easily blended with a kabuki. Then it looks really natural on, kinda like the flush in your face after you have been running for a long time… but I like that.  I always go for stronger colours. I actually have a blusher called Flamingo. I think I like strong blushers because my skin has no colour in it… Anyway someone needs to hire me so I can go and repurchase this! Come on blusher don’t quit on me now!

5/5 – Bella Bamba, you will be missed

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