A New Year, A New Diary…

Simple Diary

And by that I do mean here on my blog… Although I did get a new simple diary this christmas! At first I thought it was a run of the mill plain paper kind… but it’s actually pretty cool! Its got like a tiny bit you write about your day (after circling a word that’s most describes it) and it asks you a lot of random questions. Normally a diary would have been given up on by now after a couple of entries but since christmas I have actually managed to keep it up! I think after I finish this one I will get the second volume.

I got the diary from my dad, He likes presents like these, I also have one of those from You to Me diaries where you answer loads of questions, I have filled out a couple but they are REALLY hard! I will give you an example. “what would you like your EPITAPH to say?” That is just a bizarre question so I answered “Heres lies Becky, She’s annoyed she had to write her own epitaph”

Despite the fact I have been chronicling my life, not that much seems to be happening except my drawings, (which are on my other blog). I am trying to build up a portfolio of work so I can become an Illustrator. My one dream is to illustrate a book, I hope one day I will manage this! I have also been doing my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project 2012.


Leaningsmokingsmoking 2nettingcollardancingman poser

my category is stitches and folds… well as you can see I haven’t gotten around to this yet, all I can say is that that’s the finishing touches on these pictures! I had this in my drawer for around 5 months and then remembered about it and its due to be posted before the 31st of Jan. Oops. It’s gonna be pretty cool when its finished it gets put online and toured around the US and finishes in London with about a million other sketchbooks, but it’s still pretty cool.


GRRR! I am having the MOST clumsiest week!! I have smashed yet ANOTHER glass. Just now. Thats the third one this week! I have also fell up the stairs, walked into a door frame, and banged my head off the extractor fan and this week isn’t over! I personally blame being partly deaf in one ear for my total lack of co-ordination, I am quite easily the clumsiest person most people meet. We went to the pub the other night and Ryan just commented “Ohh the paving stones are quite slippy tonight” and they talked about paving stones and I, casually went flying. I fall over ALL the time. Last week I tripped over a puddle in Sainsburys just mere minutes after I slipped over inside the store. I was the kind of girl no one wanted to be partners with in Chemistry. Most lessons I was harmless, in there I was plain LETHAL. Especially after I set one girls hair on fire trying to waft the flame out of a splint… She wouldn’t go near me for about a year. After I was forgiven, we had a lime water test, where there’s a tube connecting it to the acid but if the lime water starts to travel you for to lift it up otherwise it explodes. The girl told me quite clearly, I was under NO circumstances allowed to touch it (which I think is quite fair) but then while she went to the sink to get water, the lime water started to travel. I was faced with a conundrum. Lift it and break my clear instructions or let it explode knowing I could have stopped it. I lifted it… and of course it exploded in my hand. I could not convince anyone that I was trying to STOP it from exploding. I wish that was all though… other instances include knocking over an entire table of the 1 metre high pipettes, about 10 of the them were smashed, knocking over a bunsen burner and ruining our project AND our neighbours project, smashing a beaker of water by dropping it and ten seconds later dropping another one in the sink. After that my teacher finally gave up on me and in groups I did the theory, everyone else did the practical. I got quite good at theory. I am surprised the girl whose hair I set fire to didn’t hate my guts. Once I accidentally stood on her trousers going up the stairs and they ripped. After that they all said I owed her new trousers, but I was 14 how would I pay for them? I don’t know how I survived secondary school without being issued a huge bill. I think most people think it’s funny watching me drop things or fall over stuff, maybe even endearing. It stops being funny though when I am actually DANGEROUS. When I was 21 I asked my step dad how to open a coconut he got a machete(!) and told me there was a technique, he gave it to me, actually realised who he gave a sharp weapon too, and said “actually… I’ll do it” To be fair I have accidentally fallen over a dishwasher before and stabbed my own hand (I always point knives DOWNWARDS now… no accidentally stabbing to death for me!) isn’t wasn’t that bad except the knife was dirty and when I went to our secondary school nurse and asked if it was infected she’s said “hmmm it doesn’t look good does it?” and wasn’t allowed to recommend or give me anything, not even a plaster, “in case I was allergic” I said “I’m 17 (was in sixth form) , I THINK I would know if I was allergic to plasters… god knows I have worn enough of them” I don’t think she was qualified to be a school nurse…

Anyways I am making peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes right now, so providing I don’t accidentally throw them against a wall and knock myself out trying to save them it should go well!

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3 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Diary…

  1. Those cup cakes sound ace! ** walks into kitchen, opens cupboard, dips spoon in chocolate spread, then into peanut butter, then eats it and does it again**

    To this day there is still a burnt triangle on the floor of miss smiths (hairy dreadlock lady) science lab where I picked up a hot tripod and dropped it instantly

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