REVIEW – Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers

Enrapture Extremity Rollers

OKie Dokie So readers of my blog will know by now just how much I love to use rollers, they are my must have when it comes to my hair, so when Santa dropped these off under my tree I was well and truly a happy girl this Christmas! I have wanted to try heated rollers for the LONGEST time but they always seemed tad expensive and I made do with my velcro ones, but I always wanted to have the lovely luxurious effect of rollers but without having the straighten my hair first (otherwise it’s just FRIZZY).

Now there something special about enrapture heated rollers that makes them REALLY good. They sit on a metal bar and heat the rollers from the inside, the velvet coating on the rollers though make them cool to touch BUT when you roll them in your hair and put the clip over the top they start to heat up again due to the metal plates on the clip that keeps all the heat in! Yey to not burning my fingers (which to be honest was a real concern) Ever since reading all about them I have lusted after them. The best thing about them is they only take 2 minutes to heat up. Compared to all the rest that take about 30-45 minutes, meaning that you can use these EVERYDAY even when you’re in a rush!

Anyway after getting them I immediately jumped in the shower (the first time sing these was NOT going to be on dirty hair!) and a quick flip through the manual (VERY quick, I probably should have read it a bit more throughly… you will see why) and first I was a little perplexed by the lead. It was VERY short. It took me a whole WEEK to realise the rest of the lead is packed underneath inside a little box… so a little blonde moment for me! Oops. Anyway I played around with the rollers and put them back in, you get 10 big rollers and 10 small rollers, the large ones are for volume but I find they give a nice loose curl as my hair is getting a bit long now. Anyway two minutes later I smell melting plastic. I pick up the rollers I had moved and yup, you guessed it I had MELTED the edge of the clip on my BRAND new rollers! You see you have to make sure the clip is in NO WAY touching the heated bar! They have to be bang upright. I only melted the edges of a couple of the large ones, it was no big deal but just TYPICAL of me.

Anyway the leaflet show you different ways to clip them in your hair, I already have a practised method from my velcro ones so I did what I normally did and I used big ones for the top layers and the small ones for tighter curls underneath. Once they were in I wasn’t used to the rollers not sticking to my head. I mean with the velcro ones you clip them to your hair and they don’t wobble around. These you can’t do that’s with so at first the wobbly rollers annoyed me a little but you get used to it. I toddled off to do my makeup (may as well as all the hair is off your face, and I always do with rollers in) by the time my makeup was done my rollers had cooled down and I took them out. I then really fell hard for these rollers. Finally I had loose curls, volume and lasting style from heated rollers and no frizz. I do my hair once every two days and I find the style lasts the whole two days although slightly looser the next day but I like it as its softer.

Now if you want to see how the rollers CURL hair I do have a picture for you, I’m in fancy dress but I don’t have any other picture for you.


A bit creepy admittedly, but you can’t deny how nice and frizz free my curls are! Ever since I got them my mum has bought them, and quite a few people have asked about them. They are stocked in Argos, Debenhams and Curry’s, as far as I know the going price is around £60-£70 BUT Curry’s have them for £49.99, they were sold out after Christmas (my mum phoned them) but they said they should have some back in stock by January, so I would try your luck with them if you can get hold of them!

5/5 – Brilliant set of rollers, try not to melt them like I did though…

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