Competition Time!

Mystery Prize revealed!

Okie Dokie, this is my first first competition! (yey) I have actually wanted to do one for a while now to say thank you to all my followers and everyone who reads my blog, it means so much to me 🙂 and I really appreciate all your support and comments.

Ok the prize as you can see above is 17’s Peepshow mascara and eyeshadow palette PLUS a mystery item A Handmade Swarovski Crystal Necklace made by yours truly! Its an 16″ silver chain necklace with one large Swarovski heart in Silver Shade and a small heart in Vitrail Light (purpley/ pink).  This contest is going to be random number generated, all you need to enter is:

Necklace close up

  • Follow my blog, either by email, twitter, wordpress or by bloglovin. (all available in the side bar) -> -> ->
  • AND leave a comment with your email address on this post, say anything you want, actually I want a giggle, think of something RIDICULOUS and put it in!
  • have a cup of tea and wait for me to email you if you won (and go on have biscuit too)

I will leave this contest on for two weeks so it ENDS on 23rd January. 

Thank you guys and Good Luck!

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16 thoughts on “Competition Time!

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  2. Hello 🙂 i follow you on bloglovin! I’ve just got chicken poo on my favourite jumper because i forgot that birds aren’t potty trained. I thought Bryony wouldn’t poo on me because i gave her some food but apparently not. EW.

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  4. Hi, I follow you on twitter (as @LenaMaxw).
    Something funny…well, my mom just told me I HAVE TO get married ASAP, because she just bought a groupon for wedding cakes 🙂


  5. 🙂 I follow you on wordpress. I can’t t hink of anything funny, but I *will* take you up on the tea & biscuit, only changing it to milk & cookie! Yeah, I’m little kiddish like that. 😀 k.elizabeth.regan at

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  8. So, I really need to clean my bag because I used a glue stick as lipstick.
    True story.
    freeeedz at yahoo dot com and I follow you on bloglovin!

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