REVIEW – Benefit Lemon Aid


I think every girl has a product that they love but somehow it gets lost among your stuff and you end up forgetting about it, only to find it again and going “OMG I LOVE THIS! why did I stop using it again?” only then to forget it again 2 weeks later. Or maybe that’s just me.

This is that product for me. I always end up using it solidly for a few weeks but then I forget about it because I have skipped it in a morning when I was in a rush and then it just gets lost. Maybe I am just very forgetful, or maybe it’s because my makeup routine doesn’t change much for everyday use, I’m not sure. What I am sure about is every time I forget about this product its an absolute CRIME!

This is an eyelid primer, whilst this is usually replaced in my routine by urban decay’s primer (oh that’s why I forget about it) it is still a cute little primer that makes your eyeshadows stay put, although not as good as urban decays primer, that is not what makes me love this product. It’s the million different uses I get out of this, this is brilliant base on the eyes as the yellow colour really counteracts the blue veins on your eyelids and really gives you a fresh wide awake look. So of course I then started using this on my dark circles before concealer and it works REALLY well! I also use it as a highlighter on the brow bone, use it on top of angry spots to make the concealer work better. This stuff is amazing! It’s really opaque, spreads really nicely and lasts all day. I am back in love with this stuff again! well for the next few weeks anyway…

5/5 – If you don’t want it for a primer get it for your dark circles!

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