Hello 2012!


Ok so I know most people welcomed it like erm… 3 days ago but I have been SUPER busy! I think I have only just recovered from the holiday season! As much as I love Christmas and New Years it’s not until afterwards until you realise how much you love your bed!

So Happy new Years everyone! So sorry for the lack of posts this week, (let’s be honest though… You have all been having a good time not spending time on your computer over Christmas so you didn’t miss me that much right?) its been even longer since my last diary post so sit tight for a pretty long post….


Christmas started with present at my flat at 8 o’ clock, I did NOT want to wake up though! I don’t know what has happened to me since I was a kid but getting up at the crack of dawn is unfeasible anymore and I spent the whole night wide awake until 4 in the morning (I could NOT sleep!) and then couldn’t get up. After 15 minutes of present opening (I got enrapture heated rollers!!) and Tovey playing with everything he could get his paws on, I then started getting ready and packing for the day ahead. After melting my heated rollers a little bit (oops) and got ready and packed an overnight bag and the cat and his overnight box and we hopped in the car to stop off at Ryan’s parents house for 3 hours, where more present opening occurred and I got to babysit my anti-social cat who doesn’t like Max ,Ryan’s parents cat who is the softest cat in the world. I really should have cottoned on then about his reaction later in the day… I will get to that later though. Anyway after that we decided we really didn’t have any room left in the car for more presents and decided to leave them at their house and pick them up the next day. So then we set off to Wigan (by now its 1 o’clock and we still haven’t eaten anything yet) and we  get to Wigan where I am greeted by my family which included my sister her husband, her dog and her cat which is Tovey’s mum Princess. It was kind of sweet at first, princess ran over to greet her son and he… flipped out. They had to be kept apart because Tovey would start fights he couldn’t win (his mother is CRAZY) and everyone thought he was horrible because he growled and wouldn’t let anyone near him the whole time. Anyway mr grumpy aside it was a great Christmas, I kinda felt sorry for my mums boyfriend because it was his house and normally its just him, his son and his dog. Then he had a Elliston Explosion in his house and it ended up containing 8 people, 3 dogs and 2 cats all running around being very loud, nabbing the best seats and generally ripping jokes out of each other the entire time (such is our way) it must have felt so quiet to him after we all left! It was a brilliant Christmas as we haven’t all been together for it for about 6 years and I don’t get to see my sister much, so it was nice to see everyone together again. AMAZINGLY not a single argument erupted ending with Megan running upstairs in tears, so I say it was a very successful get together!

Anyway the plan was the next day we would stay until midday and then go Ryan’s parents house and pick up presents and stay there for a bit and head home, However my brother-in-law got an AMAZING present. He got executive tickets to the boxing day Manchester united match at Old Trafford. He was little giddy with excitement (literally wanting to set off like 3 hours before the match), but my sister couldn’t go with him as she had to work, which meant Ryan got to go with him! They had an amazing day there and really enjoyed it. I did feel a little bad for my sis though she had to drive for an hour home, got to work, drive all the way back pick him up and drive him back home again. She didn’t complain but she must have been SHATTERED. I know this because all I did was sit around with my mum, and then got driven back to Ryan’s parents and I was falling asleep! I literally was looking at a wall for a bit and you know when your kinda tired and daydreamy so you don’t have a good sense of time? Well I must have had that, because I was apparently staring at the wall for a while and I turned around and EVERYONE was staring at me wondering what I was looking at. I couldn’t convince them that it’s not worth a conversation to say what it was but I think their curiosity was peaked by then. Basically I was staring at a wall that’s darker than all the there walls, but because the ways the shadows where and one side of it you could tell it was a darker wall and on the other side you couldn’t, it looked the same colour. Needless to say they were extremely disappointed (I honestly think they thought I was seeing a ghost).

So for the rest of the week I spent my time sleeping, eating chocolate and Pringles ( got a christmas hamper that we still haven’t gotten through!) gathering my energy for New Years, which was Fancy Dress party at my dads house down near Wolverhampton. We were planning on setting off early but I had a shift on New Years but as it was only a 12-3 shift I thought we would set off straight after. So after work I rushed home, packed up Tovey’s stuff (Ryan was in charge of our stuff) and got in the car and drove to Wigan (it’s on the way) dropped him off, then back in the car down to my dads. We didn’t get there until about half 6 and the party started at 7. I was a little worried as I was going as a China Doll and Ryan was going as Charlie Chaplin which meant I was in charge of not only my makeup but his too. I managed it though in about 3/4 hour and we looked pretty cool I think…

China Doll and Charlie Chaplin

The blush is a bit all over the shop but my hands couldn’t stop shaking as I hadn’t eaten all day. Despite drinking on an empty stomach I still didn’t mange to get drunk! We both had a brilliant time though and it was nice to see my dad and Claire (haven’t seen them in AGES) and it was a really fun night. Nearly accidentally missed midnight though as I was busy winning on Buzz. (mwahaha) by the time we turned it off and switched to BBC 1 it was exactly midnight and big ben was going off. (close call there!) It was nice normally I have always worked on new years day so we haven’t done anything and are usually in jimmies by half past trying to get to sleep. The next day we all went out for a new years meal/ try to beat the hangover. Needless to say but the time we all got home we were knackered! As much as last year was brilliant I think this year Christmas should be a quiet one for us!

Ok I think I am going to finish now as this is a post well over 1000 words (I have written an ESSAY!) But I am going to end of my New Years resolution. I only have the one this year. Last year was to move out and we did it, so this year I am going to make a proper stab at a career in freelance illustration. Even if I fall flat on my face I will know I really tried at it and you only regret the things you don’t do than the things you do. So this year I hope I will make a real effort, I have been too scared of failing so far to really try, which is silly I know, because if you never try to you will never succeed either. So that’s mine this year to really TRY. Hope you all had a great New Years and 2012 will be a fantastic year for you all! (and the earth isn’t NOT going to end this year, I am afraid you have around a 3 billion year wait before life on earth is wiped out)

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