It’s Finally Snowing!


Now this may not be news to the rest of the country but Preston is ALWAYS behind when it comes to snow, Granted I can’t see how much it has snowed as my windows are covered in it, but It’s THERE!

Unfortunately there are no hills in Preston so even when it snows you can’t go sledging. Before people argue with me there isn’t any hills, there’s only very gentle slopes, I come from Yorkshire now THERES some hills! I always laugh at Ryan panicking about a “hill-start” in Preston… It’s weeny!! It’s a completely flat place, on the other hand there’s less danger of falling down a hill on your bum here  which is an upside of sorts. I’ll have to take Ryan somewhere for REAL sledging then he will know what hills are (he’s lived here his whole life… he doesn’t know any different bless him).

It does feel weird sometimes being a Yorkshire person in Lancashire, not because of the obvious history, but sometimes there’s a language barrier. Like at work, a woman came up to me asking for “furries” I was like “is that a new weird toy for children?” and she looking at me like I’m stupid going “FURRIES! Furries, you know on top of a tree?” she meant Fairies. A bloody fairy. This is what I’m up against ALL the time. Hair is pronounced Hurr, care is curr and it goes on like that. The worst one was when I had to go on the bus trying to get to Moor Nook, because they pronounce it as MOO-er Nuke and the bus drivers don’t understand a WORD I’m saying. Of course it goes the other way, I constantly get the piss ripped out of me for saying Nuur instead of no, and Kurt instead of Coat.  But at least in Yorkshire we haven’t made up words, like a clothes horse here is a clothes maiden. and beeping your horn is pomping. Sometimes Ryan will just come out with something that sounds like utter GIBBERISH and look at me like I should know what he’s talking about. I think I need a Lancashire to English Dictionary!

Puss in boots

Ohh went to see Puss in Boots at the cinema this week, it was good, but because I have a cat I think I identified with Puss a bit TOO much. I hate it when cats do this its TOO CUTE!!! You can’t say no to it and I wants to SQUISH him!! I also kept worrying about Tovey at home, (he likes to open presents and he can’t wait a week) but it was a good film I liked it. What really got me confused at the cinema though is the children olympics mascot short film. Has anyone seen it? Quite literally the stupidest thing I have ever seen, it made no sense and I had no idea how it was supposed to promote the olympics to children because it was just PLAIN WEIRD. They should have just left the film and give the kids mascot teddies or something it would have worked better.

hmm what else have I been up to? I met up with friends before christmas including Tammy who I hadn’t seen it years who had moved to Canada and is back for the holidays. It was great seeing her after all this time! It makes me want to go to Canada though 😦 I think I will have to get a job and save pennies and make a list of all the places I want to see before I die (and then maybe you know, Go there). Maybe it would be shorter to make a list of places I don’t want to see! (sorry Spain and Australia).

Ohh looking forward to christmas (not long now!) I had my first mince-pie today, it was YUMMY. I of course made my Christmas wish. I wish for a full-time job!! *wishes very hard* Hopefully it will come true.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Finally Snowing!

  1. Yes! Come to Canada…specifically Toronto/Vancouver. If you come to Toronto we can go out for lunch and I can take you out shopping…how fun would that be? 😉

    Also, it was 15 degrees celsius here the other day…insanely warm for the winter, don’t you think?

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