Okie Dokie here’s to me being a little bit lazy! I am doing a group post of things I have meant to get around to reviewing once I used them but don’t have enough to say about them, it’s not that they are bad products but I would only be able to write a few lines about each one and I wouldn’t feel like their  worth their own post. Anyway to the review!

Botanics Rosewater Toner

As you can see I have gone through a fair bit of toner lately… I have gone from not using any ever to using them all the time! The first toner I used and really liked was this one, it’s quite a small bottle though at 150ml and I went through it quite quickly. It’s the same price as their larger toner so I’m not sure if its worth the money. However this smelled SO nice! It’s so gentle non drying and was really nice, might try a few more Botanics toners and pick my favourite, Botanics is 3for2 at Boots at the minute as well so I will be stocking up!

4/5 – Good toner, bit small.

Dove Maximum Protection anti-persperint 

This is something I have bought over and over… it’s the only one I will ever use. It’s awesome. I don’t get on with most deodorants as they don’t really work for me and I find myself sweating after a couple of hours with it on. With this that doesn’t happen. It also doesn’t burn your pits off (yes Dryclor I’m talking to you) The only problem is that it’s a cream so you have to be very careful with white marks (so easy to do) I guess I can’t have it all though. It is a bit more expensive than normal deodorants at a fiver but I will always pay it.

4/5 – Excellent at keeping sweat at bay, bad for white marks though.

Neutrogena Spot Stress Control Moisturiser 

I bought this by accident… I thought it was the spot treatment that looked exactly the same as this bottle and has either been discontinued or renamed. Anyway I thought I would try it as a pre moisturiser and it does seems to work quite well, I definitely seemed to have less spots whilst using it but it just didn’t seem to be the same as the old stuff. I don’t think I will use it again.

2/5 – It’s OK it’s not a miracle worker.

Simple Toner 

It’s an old bottle I had lying around that I bought for Ryan and he never used it (just like many other cleansers and moisturisers) It’s a sort of toner that i use that I don’t feel like its doing anything for my skin. Probably because it’s so old and probe out of date i just used it to tide me by until I bought another one.

2/5 –  Not sure it does anything for me.

Neutrogena Spot Treatment

This is a cheap and cheerful products I like to use that combats my spots but doesn’t dry out my skin badly. It’s very mild formula, maybe too mild? Its seems to take about a week for a spot to go away and it  doesn’t combat redness. It’s great for reducing spots before they come to a head but once that’s happened it’s not great for healing quickly.

2/5 – Average spot treatment, no better or worst than most.

Ahh there see? Not much to say about them really, and nothing that stands out in particular and now they can go in the bin. I think I need to invest in some quality products and see how they measure up.

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