How StumbleUpon Can Work For You…


Okie Dokie, this is a post I have been meaning to do for AGES! I been putting it off as there are so many prettier things to write about, but due to recent events involving StumbleUpon (see here) it has forced my hand, because shockingly a lot of people don’t use it!

If you have a blog THIS button should be on every page, every post you do should have the StumbleUpon button on it. You have probably seen it in the options but you didn’t know what it was and left it. Well smack it on there because StumbleUpon can generate THOUSANDS of hits to your blog. I say can it’s usually hundreds but it it gets popular it can be a massive amount of traffic to your blog!

Stumbleupon is a website generator that goes off people’s interests and pages people have added to the site (or stumbled) If you don’t have a blog sign up it’s a fun way to find cool blogs, funny sites and a good way to kill some time when your bored! I have gladly wasted so many hours away on StumbleUpon, it can be quite fun once you have read all the DYAC’s for the day.

Anyway for bloggers to get the best out of this… as a rule DON”T Stumble your own posts. It’s quite simple really, SU will figure out your only stumbling from one website and your post won’t get any hits. See the pages you add can get loads of views if it gets stumbled, but it world on a basis of

1, you must have a lot of discoveries (pages you submit that are new to StumbleUpon) the more discoveries you have the more credibility you have and the pages you submit get more views.

2, how many pages you like (stumble upon want people to be active in their community)

So there you have it. If you want too you can arrange a stumble group to stumble each others pages for each other, but if you’re all new to it, it will take a while for yourselves to establish some credibility on there. So go on be nice and stumble your favourite blogs,bloggers work so hard and if you like there posts share them! And bloggers go get a stumble button!!!

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