Sending My Love to Huda and Mona!!

Kind Note

Yesterday I received a VERY pleasant surprise through the post… ah heck it was more than pleasant it was AWESOME!! I got a very special goody bag from the lovely Huda Kattan from Huda Beauty! and I want to say from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

A couple of weeks ago (I think?) I received a message on Stumble Upon from Mona Kattan Saying thank you for recommending Huda‘s pages (will do a post shortly on what stumble upon is and how your blog can benefit from it) and they would like to send me a goody bag for all my support! I have been stumbling Huda‘s blog on Stumble Upon for months now because her blog is just SO good! It is truly a blog I admire so much, she reviews beauty products and always got a good facial recipe up her sleeve, so go click here check her out! Also while your checking out blogs Mona has one too! Hers is a personal blog about the wonderful events she goes to and interviewing amazing people so go click here and check her out too!

Anyway back to what I was saying, Mona got in contact with me over Stumble Upon and brought it to her sisters attention that I had been recommending her pages. To be honest I never expected anything in return and I didn’t think anyone would find out it was me! Anyway after swapping details I anxiously waiting for my goody bag, I was expecting a small package and instead I got a package full of amaze balls stuff!

My goodies

Sorry for the poor lighting but I opened it last night and I just could wait until morning to start playing with them!! I was so touched when I opened it, it’s the first freebie ANYTHING I have ever got! It’s also far too generous so thank you guys I LOVE it!! Now to what I got:

  • Benefit Bathina Body Balm – Ohh this is really nice on! It’s all shimmery and not at all greasy.
  • Illamasqua Nail Polish in Obsess – OHH pretty! It’s a bright hot pink that’s slightly mauvey as well…
  • Nailstation Nail Polish in Greensleeves – Such a cool colour! Now I don’t know which one to put on!
  • L’occitane Hand Cream in Citron & Clementine – I love L’occitane hand creams, and ! love smelling like oranges! (who doesn’t?) this has gone straight next to my bed with my moisturizing gloves!
  • Illamasqua False Eye Lashes – I think I need a picture of these bad boys…

Illamasqua eye lashes

How cool are they???

  • Dolce & Gabbana Lipstick in Precious – an impossibly rich burgundy, such a lovely colour (I immediately put in on and started kissing Ryan so he had Lipstick marks all over his face… mwahaha)
  • L’oocitane Shower jelly in Citron & Clementine – Mmm that smell again! I would have used this, this morning if it wasn’t for…
  • L’oocitane Shower jelly in Rose & Violette – As much as I love the other one… this one smells like PARMA VIOLETS!! I smell like sweeties! I think I may be addicted to this now!
  • 2 x BeautyBlender – Ohh can’t wait to try these, I don’t think I’ve ever seen these before.
  • Now the best for last…. Illamasqua Freak Perfume – Ever since I have put this on… I can’t leave myself alone! I am just constantly sniffing my wrists it smells DIVINE. mmmmm.

So that’s my lovely goody bag, I just want to say again Thankyou so much Huda and Mona! You guys are the best!

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