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Here is a product that has caused quite a controversy amongst reviewers… Some absolutely love it and some can’t stand it. I am a bit late to reviewing this as I have been well… lazy/tired. I have had this for a few weeks now and it’s time to see what all the fuss was about!

My first impressions when i got the box was it’s quite a big box and I thought “well for £20 at least you’re getting quite a lot of product for your money” followed by immediate disappointment when I opened it. It’s a whole lot of cardboard and a tiny tube! So right off the bat I feel like the box was lying to me (and I don’t mean the 10 years younger in 40 seconds, if you believe THAT you’ve bought the wrong product) I can’t imagine the tube would last very long doing whole face applications everyday! Anyway the controversy lies in the application… as in its one of the worst products to figure out how to apply in the world. Despite the instructions. The problem is with this product is your supposed to apply this on top of your foundation (unless its powder, then it’s under) that should be no problem right? Wrong this has the awful application of being super sticky and drying super fast. It comes out as a cream (I don’t care what you say Indeed, its cream) and you have to apply on top of your foundation super quickly and make sure you haven’t moved your foundation and concealer around on your face because this sets sticky as I have said and trying to apply concealer on top of that is so difficult because you CANNOT blend. The concealer just sticks to it like glue and doesn’t budge.

I tried this on so many ways before foundation (awful, just awful, foundation had to piled on to blend!) and after foundation I just couldn’t get it on without moving my makeup around my face and erasing the careful work I did applying it (this is before I gave up foundation).

Anyway… after the god awful application process your left with a super matte face (which is good for people like me with oily skin!) and at first i did this in a morning with normal daylight. I stood there and thought “after all that I don’t look any different” I’m guessing this isn’t designed for natural light because in the evening when artificial light got to me I noticed the blurry effect even if it’s VERY subtle. So I guess it sort of works in the night-time but its sort of wasted in natural light. There is one aspect I couldn’t get on with… I started breaking out. A lot. Not surprising because it felt like I was applying superglue to my face and basically glued all my pores together. After a quick scan through the ingredients the other day I discovered… yes Dimethicone. (read about dimethicone here)  As my regular readers know I recently started a war against this ingredient in my cosmetics as it causes me to break out! If you suffer from cosmetic acne you may want to research this ingredient and see if it’s that, that’s causing it.

Anyway so after all that, I basically don’t use this anymore it’s sat in my drawer. I guess I will keep it for under my eyes on a night out or something I just don’t have the heart to throw away £20!

1/5 – Did give a slight blurred effect in artificial light but not worth the horrendous application process or breakouts.

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One thought on “REVIEW – Nanoblur

  1. The Dimethicone link in your post is broken, ahaha!

    Also, I got this for free from a cosmetician who works in the same mall as me…and my opinion is the same as yours. It feels like…I don’t know, it felt like I was messing up my face when I wore this. I felt “dirty” after putting it on, almost. Such a strange product, and definitely not worth it.

    I’ve been totally absent lately…I’ve put you in my Blogroll so I remember to visit you more often, ahaha!

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