REVIEW – Blistex Intensive Moisturiser

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser

OKie Dokie, This is something I bought because of brilliant reviews on it. People saying that they leave this on overnight and their lips are so soft, best lip treatment ever blah, blah, blah. So its been sat in my vanity cupboard for a while and I used for a couple of nights in a row this week, you know give myself nice soft lips… I have to say after using this its going straight in the bin.

I can’t express how absolutely rubbish this product is. It’s beyond a shadow of doubt the WORST product I have ever used (and that’s saying something!) I actually HATE it. Bit of a strong emotion for an inanimate object but I do. I put this on because my lips were starting to peel  because of the harsh weather outside, so I put this on overnight (as recommended by the person reviewing it) and by the morning I had breakouts along the lines of my lips! So I promptly checked the ingredients and what do we know? Dimethicone! (read about Dimethicone here) Avoiding this ingredient has become a hell-bent obsession because it reacts so badly with my skin! God knows why they put this in a lip treatment… so your lips have there fine lines filled in?? God knows. So thanks to Blistex smart-Alec idea, I have spotty lips (I have pores there for some reason) not only that but my lips have been DRIER since using it! What the hell? So now I have sore dry lips with a spot on either side of my bottom lip. Thanks Blistex.

0/5 – If I could give it a minus score I would

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4 thoughts on “REVIEW – Blistex Intensive Moisturiser

  1. Wow, that’s so weird, I used to absolutely love that stuff! Haven’t bought it for a while – I’m on a Burt’s Bees kick at the moment – but it really sucks that it reacted so badly on your skin, poor you! I never had a bad experience with it. Stupid Blistex!

  2. Lanolin….yes, the boob cream. I don’t go a day without it. Sounds freakish, but I’ve never come across anything better to soothe, heal and protect sore, irritated, sensitive lips. Meh.

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