OH MY GOSH, its been SOOO WINDY and WET here! Whilst the rest of the country experienced snow this week we have been giving lashings of rain, wind and hail.

It is truly miserable weather so far with more on the way. Normally weather doesn’t bug me that much (its England what else is to be expected?) but since I have moved into an attic flat you hear the weather so much! Wind whipping off the roof, hail and rain pounding on our windows… it keeps you awake most of the night and just drowns everything else out during the day! Now that’s my moan about the weather over and done with…

Ahhh this week I have most of my Christmas shopping over and done with I still have to pick up bits for some people and in Ryan’s case, Everything (sorry honey) but now I don’t get paid until the 23rd and I’m working all the way until Christmas so I’m not sure how I’m going to shop but I’ll figure something out. I don’t know about you, but every year I always forget how LONG it takes to wrap everything! It especially doesn’t help when you have a kitten who steals everything you put on the floor…

…It took us about 15 mins to get him out of this. It was his new favourite hiding place to “hunt” bows and pens and drag their “carcasses” back to his “lair”. Surprisingly he’s not been so bad with the tree (fingers crossed) only pulling off the odd bauble and trying to pull bows off presents a couple of times. You know the usual annoying behaviour…

Hmmm… what else? Ryan had a great birthday (and a great cake which got promptly gobbled up!) and whilst I was at work and he had a chilled day with his mum and dad before going to the cinema with me that night, Except for that I been busying working… and you people all HATE shop assistants in December don’t you? Your panicking because Christmas is looming ever onward and you’re looking for someone to blame. Do you know when you “mutter” under your breath I can hear you? It’s not MY fault if we are sold out of things and it’s not MY fault if we don’t have an obscure card you have just made up, or constantly shouting at me “well you had a whole stand last week” because I assure you we did not, and you immediately don’t believe me and go ask someone else who tells you the same thing. I really didn’t think there were so many fussy pants people around. Like when I was shopping in Waterstones last week they had very quiet christmas music on and an oldish man (around 60) was complaining about the music telling them to turn it off because it was bothering him because he’s partly deaf. Firstly its bollocks, I’M partly deaf (25% in one ear) and I had NO trouble what so ever and secondly when did people start feeling the need to be THAT grumpy? Ryan said that’s a typical example of first world problems… I’m glad no one has tried that with me because I would have gone ballistic at them. Get a LIFE! If you’re looking for things to be miserable about, you will never be happy! (says me who spent this entire post whingeing!) Ahhh I feel so much better now, I can’t wait to deal with people again when they return to normal! Anyway I’m off out christmas shopping… however tempting it may be to exact my revenge… I’m going to be nice to the poor people working tonight!

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