Now when you look down an ingredients list on a skincare products or cosmetics, there is now only one word I look for. DIMETHICONE. Now the gobbledygook they put on these products are utterly meaningless to most people, myself included. However after sing a series of breakouts from primers, foundations.. I was wondering what exactly WAS it that was causing it?

DIMETHICONE. It has caused a number of debates in the beauty industry as it us used in SO many products, makeup, skincare, haircare… the list is endless of products that contain this ingredient. So what is the fuss all about?

Dimethicone is a type of silicone that is used in products that want to fill in lines and create a smooth texture on hair and skin. Its popular in conditioners, primers, moisturisers and facial serums for this very reason, that could only be a good thing, right? Many people argue that Dimethicone is actually good for the skin as the molecules in it are much to big to actually penetrate the skin so there’s no danger of it being absorbed and causing damage within the skin. Also this layer of silicone prevents moisture from escaping and is great for oil control. Great right?

On the flip side though, if its preventing moisture from escaping what ELSE is it preventing from escaping? Well firstly there’s any bacteria left on your face that gets trapped under a layer of silicone which is something you don’t want working for you, and also even though it may look like your face isn’t oily, that’s because your sebum is trapped underneath the silicone layer and clogging up all your pores. If you have particularly oily skin, you may feel like your foundations and primers are giving you more spots… well that’s because it is. Sebum has no beneficial effects on your skin, it’s just left over in our evolution like our appendix. Think about it, when you glue a pore together you’re giving it a nice warm wet environment for bacteria to breed. Ta-da breakout.

However many people can use primers and silicone based products and experience no reaction whatsoever. People with oily and acne prone skin will find the ingredient more troublesome I myself have found I do get breakouts with products with it in and so i am trying to avoid it on my face. If you don’t get a reaction whatsoever then I see no need to avoid it, you’ve obviously got very resilient skin! For myself trying to avoid it is proving quite hard! Especially when there’s products you REALLY want to try! Theres always one question I have to ask myself though in that situation

Is it worth having smooth, poreless looking skin and have a breakout?” 

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