REVIEW – Bourjois Suivez Mon Regard


AHHH! Its been SO long since I have done a review for makeup! I am not sure why… Maybe I find makeup hard to review? Well to be more specific I find eyeshadows hard to review… I think it’s because I do these posts in a morning  (I shouldn’t really as I am at my laziest) and its requires swatches and photos… I’m sorry! Anyway I am prepared to give up on my lazy ways and start doing it, because to be honest I have about a million makeup products to review, but somehow they always get overshadowed by skin or haircare products.

Anyhow this is a small start getting what I’m not keen on right away. For ages Bourjois was one of my favourite makeup brands, its nice and cheap and usually great quality for the price. These pots though… i just don’t get along with them. I can’ really use loose pigments anyway because I end up with it ALL over my face. this is a little dip brush which I really liked because it means it’s harder for me to spill it everywhere when I drop it (note, I say when not if. It’s a certainty and its been dropped a couple of times before) What i don’t get on with is the brush. It’s too… something. I can’t put my finger on it. It doesn’t apply the powder nicely it kind of flicks it out all over the place and I always end up with too much product on it. So what i end up doing is using the brush and using another brush to get the product off and apply it. I have this lovely gold shade there and its nicety add a bit of shimmer and blends really well. I just don’t like the brush application as it gets it everywhere!

4/5 – a lovely loose eye powder but I can’t get on with the brush

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