REVIEW – Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner

Okie Dokie, If you asked me last year what my favourite leave in conditioner was, I would have said this product without skipping a beat. But that would have been because competition was few and far between then. Now its common in haircare to sell a leave in conditioner (although it took a long time for hair brands to pick up on it) So is it still holding up against the competition?

To be honest, I think it may be slipping. However i don’t think it’s Aussies fault. This was such a staple of mine for YEARS. I used this all the time, it made my hair easier to brush, put in some extra needed moisture and that’s all I expected from it. I mainly just wanted something that was going to detangle my hair (it gets very knotty) and this did the job for me. However the sirens have been calling me to other brands and I have neglected Aussie for the past six months. It’s such a great product but to compete it needs to be better than all the other brands I have tried, so where would that put this. I have found a couple that are just as good for moisturising, and are much lighter on the hair, but do naff all for detangling and vice versa. Despite my searching around I think I will come back to this one. It’s the best AlL rounder, AND they just brought out an extra light formula. I think this is a much-needed repurchase for me!

5/5 – Aussie I may stray but I will always come back you!

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