Ditching The Foundation…


Yeah you heard me! A bit of a odd statement coming from someone who reviews beauty products but here’s why…

I have been pretty new to foundations only started using them when I was about 19, and ever since I think my skin has gotten worse. Its worse now than when I was a teenager. I am blaming foundations, bb creams… I always notice that when I go a day without makeup I don’t get new spots I put on makeup for one day and poof spotville. You know what though? You see that girl in the picture above? Take away the fact that her hair is mega sweaty but that’s me at 17. How CLEAR is my skin?! That girls face has never seen foundation. In fact the only makeup I am wearing is on my eyes, and it’s not very much! Now before people start saying that foundation is not to blame, you can wash it off every night, blah blah. I do. I wash it all off every night, I cleanse thoroughly but to me 12 hours of clogged face is ENOUGH to give me spots. I have quite oily skin now and trapping oil under my makeup is causing my skin a LOT of problems. So just for a trial run to see if it makes a difference I am giving it up.

I don’t even remember why I started using foundation… my skin got the occasional spot but nothing major, I think I got to 19 and though I should “grow up” and start using makeup properly. Now don’t let that tan fool you, its masking someone who has quite a pale face. Such a pale face in fact that I can never find any foundation or BB cream really to match it. (although the Bb creams do come pretty damn close) I think I am caught in this endless circle with it now… I am wearing foundation because my skin is bad… my skin is bad because I am wearing foundation. Think about it for the last 5 years my skin has had hardly any time to BREATHE. It’s all choked up and it’s not doing well for it! Guys don’t wear foundation do they look as sickly and pasty as we do when we take our makeup off? NO! I am not even satisfied when I have foundation on, I think its looks too cakey, its clogging up my pores after a few hours its moved around on my face… So you know what? I am trying something new. Well actually I am trying something old. I didn’t need foundation before I started it and then I got all dependent on it, its become a crutch I didn’t need. So bye bye foundation.

So here’s to my new experiment, No foundation, don’t worry though I am not giving up any other makeup products…

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10 thoughts on “Ditching The Foundation…

  1. Go you! 🙂 I wish I had the confidence to do the same; my friends who have the nicest skin are always the ones who don’t wear foundation! I’m stuck in the cycle still, though I’m trying to edge away with tinted moisturisers/a dusting of face powder rather than gloopy foundations. Good luck!

  2. Where do you get your BB creams from? I’m dying to try one out…but it’s not insanely popular here in Canada yet. :s

    I know the trend originated in Asia, but none of their sites will ship to me. 😦

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