REVIEW – No7 Time Resisting Day & Night Eye Care

No7 Time Resisting Day & Night Eye Care

This is an eye product that I actually got ages ago, I forgot how much I liked it. Also I forgot how much I didn’t.  I mean you basically getting 2 eyes creams for £18, a day and a night one so that’s a gel one for the day and a cream one for the night.

I ended up only using one side of this eye cream and throwing away the gel. I couldn’t get on with the gel side at all! I find with gels that they leave a residue on my skin no matter how little I put on, and it looks horrible when you try to put make up on top of it because the gel rolls into little balls. So this gel just did the exact same except it’s around my eyes which got really annoying. It’s supposed to be good for dark circle I personally didn’t nice any difference to mine and I have had mine since I was 7! (seriously I drew a pic of myself for art, and I gave myself dark circles under my eyes because I had them! The teacher was like, why have you given yourself black eyes?)

So after i gave up on that side… I just used the cream.

I get on so much better with creams and this side I really liked! I liked this side because even though it didn’t combat my dark circles it did help with my fine lines around my eyes. I have very faint lines under my eyes but it’s just the way the bottom lid creases I have always had them so their not wrinkles but I don’t like them all the same.  This helped reduce the appearance of them really well! I got with this side but i wished it was the whole package with this product! I want anti-ageing and I want my dark circles gone for good! Maybe its too much to ask…

2.5/5 – A 50/50 mark for a 50/50 product.

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