REVIEW – Neil & Wolfe Harmony

Neil & Wolfe Harmony

Ahh this would be a familiar product to everyone who got a Glossy Box in september. I wanted to wait until I had finished the bottle before reviewing it, and I ran out yesterday! Until my Glossy Box I had never heard of Neil & Wolfe before, but that’s why I got the Glossy Box, to try new brands I wouldn’t normally try or come across on my own.

In my box I got harmony which is the intensive conditioning treatment, quite a stroke of luck really because I had literally ran out of my last treatment so I was well chuffed I got this! Actually since I have run out of this I must remember to buy another deep conditioner *writes it down*. So just this on its own was worth the box to me as you got a full-sized bottle of it (I hated sachets, I am convinced if this came in a sachet I still wouldn’t have tried it by now) So i was pleased that I got it, the packaging is a little bland… also not sure where I could buy this around Preston, I would have to get it online which is good but annoying… You usually buy products like this when you run out, and tend to only buy conditioners online if they are really AMAZING and well… This was really very good, but not amazing.

You see to buy this online and wait for it to be delivered I would expect this to transform my hair into smooth, glossy hair like on hair adverts. It’s a really nice formula, leaves your hair super soft, has kept my split ends at buy like nobodies business and my hair dries nice and fluffy (sleek and shiny just isn’t in my hairs vocabulary), but I can’t justify spending £12.95 on it. I just can’t because my Botanics treatment is a fiver and it does all the same things! In fact Botanics puts so much moisture back into my hair that it will take something very special to beat it. Sorry!

4/5 – If Botanics hadn’t ruined me for conditioners, I could have loved you…

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One thought on “REVIEW – Neil & Wolfe Harmony

  1. Hi! It’s Tinna from BeautySynergy 🙂 I’m back to blogging, it’s been forever! Hope you’ve been well, I must catch up on your posts!

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