Never Have I Seen A More Frivolous Use Of A Reminders App

silly me

Yes this is my reminders app on my iPhone! Probably the most silliest use of the app ever compared to people who have to remember all sorts of meeting etc. This is not what Apple had in mind when they created this app!

Thing is though when I first got this app in the major update, I thought I would never use it. I didn’t think I had any stuff I needed reminding of because my job doesn’t require it. Turns out I forget lots of stuff! It’s all stuff as well that you wouldn’t think I would need reminding of, I mean forgetting to exfoliate? Really? Yes. I have such a brilliant long-term memory but my short-term memory is sort of on the crap side! I forget all these small stuff and only remember really sporadically! If it wasn’t for this app reminding me weekly to do a face mask, it would happen once a month, if it didn’t remind me to use my ab roller I would never use it. You know why? I just forget. So if like me you forget all these little things you should do but you remember at like 1 in the morning, get an app like this or keep a note pad on your fridge. Oh that reminds me… I need a reminder for Yoga and a reminder to weigh myself… see it works!

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One thought on “Never Have I Seen A More Frivolous Use Of A Reminders App

  1. Haha i have similar problems with short term memory and used to be an obsessive list writer until i found the reminder app. It’s funny how you get used to things so quickly – i really don’t know where i’d be without my iphone!

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